Fashion Addict - Paul Newman, The Lord Binning, Kelsall

What Paul Newman doesn't know about food and drink isn't worth knowing. But the restaurateur, partner at The Lord Binning in Kelsall, also knows a thing or two about style

What Paul Newman doesn’t know about food and drink isn’t worth knowing. But the restaurateur, partner at The Lord Binning in Kelsall, also knows a thing or two about style

What do you wear to work?Casual gear: usually jeans and a t-shirt during the day and a shirt at night.

What do you like to wear for a big night out?Usually a nice pair of Jeffery West shoes. I’ll wear jeans again but very nice Fran�ois Girbaud jeans and one of my Vivienne Westwood shirts. I also have a black velvet jacket for chilly nights. Or if a bit more dressy I would wear my Armani Collezioni black suit.

Tell us about your biggest fashion mistakeI mistakenly thought I suited Christian Audigier clothes and purchased a few very expensive shirts that I have worn only once. This happened after spotting myself in photos and coming to terms with my age! I also have a few pieces of Ed Hardy, which I now don’t wear since I went to Las Vegas and everyone was wearing them.

Tell us who your favourite designer isI’ve got a few. Marith� & Fran�ois Girbaud, William Hunt, Jeffrey West, Vivienne Westwood, Rare, True Religion and Roberto Cavalli.

Who’s been the biggest influence on your personal style?To be perfectly honest, apart from Wendy, my wife, no one. I have always known what I like from being young. My style has developed based on my age and affordability.

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What is your favourite high street shop?City Gate in Chester and Selfridges

A recent purchase you’re thrilled withA pair of Fran�ois Girbaud Jeans purchased from City Gate. I wear them most days. Over �300 for a pair of jeans is a lot but I think I’m getting my money’s worth.

What aftershave do you wear?Tom Ford. I’m a creature of habit. I have tried many but never liked one as much and had it liked as much!

Which hair and beauty products are in your bathroom?Gentry Grooming products such as shave cream and face wash, Clinique scruffing lotion, face scrub and eye cream, American Crew hair products and P20 sun protection which I wear every day.

Which beauty product would you be lost without?My P20.

Are you a gym body?Not really, actually not at all. Gyms bore me rigid.

Who do you regard as the most stylish man and woman of the last 100 years?Woman? My wife Wendy who really knows how to look good. Man? The Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli who broke down fashion standards. He created a style of his own such as wearing his watch over his cuffs. His style isn’t mine but I like it.

What’s your favourite local restaurant?My own, The Lord Binning in Kelsall, that I own with my business partner and original celebrity chef David Mooney. Other than my own, I would have to say Damson in Heaton Moor.

Favourite holiday destination?I got engaged and was married in Dubai, so I would have to say there. Really, it’s not about culture but the style, quality, weather, food and shopping. I also love Spain, more specifically, Mallorca.

What was the last book you read?Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain – great book!

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