Fashion generation - Georgie and Helen Alcroft

Mum & Daughter Fashion; Helen and Georgie Alcroft

Mum & Daughter Fashion; Helen and Georgie Alcroft - Credit: Archant

Helen Alcroft is often dragged around the shops by her daughter, Georgie, and occasionally dips into the 17-year-old’s wardrobe. Here, the duo from Alderley Edge chat about fashion and style

Mum & Daughter Fashion; Helen and Georgie Alcroft

Mum & Daughter Fashion; Helen and Georgie Alcroft - Credit: Archant

Helen says

Georgie was a beautiful baby with blonde curls and a cute smile. Though in her early years, it was not about pink clothes and make up as she was often outside playing in the garden with her brother Charlie or covered in chocolate after licking the bowl following a baking session (she still is known to have chocolate cake for breakfast!).

Georgie’s love of clothes started in her early teens soon after she started earning her own money. On the times I have been allowed to go shopping with her I am amazed at the speed she can shop and pick out just the right outfits. Her clothes are mainly high street labels such as Zara, Topshop and River Island but with fashion being a disposable commodity for the young she does love a bargain at ‘Primarni’.

Her sense of style varies greatly – at the moment she loves leopard print everything – shoes, skirts, tops and pyjamas. Colour is abundant in her wardrobe together with shorts with sequins and short dresses. However even at 17 she has learnt that black is the staple and you cannot go wrong with skinny jeans and a fitted top.

Shoes and boots are much more chunky than I would wear and skirts a little too short, but that has not stopped me looking in her wardrobe! I remember on Burns night last year finding the perfect tartan dress in her room. I have also borrowed her prom dress for a black tie dinner as she said she could not wear it again with friends... she would have found out though as I was photographed by Cheshire Life in it.

One thing we do share and that is a love of vintage clothing. My mother Diana sadly passed away in 2013 but both Georgie and I have altered some of her clothes and as she kept some of my Grandma’s things we both have stunning outfits and happy memories of loved ones too.

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I am looking forward to many years of shopping with my daughter and seeing her style develop again and again - and no doubt the price tags becoming higher and the designer labels coming in!

Georgie Says

My first memory about mum’s wardrobe has always been the number of shoe boxes. She does love shoes and Dad jokes that she cannot walk past a shoe shop without going in. When I was at primary school I did wish she could pick me up in jeans instead of her work clothes as that is what I thought trendy mum’s should wear!

Mum does have some trendy skinny jeans which look great, but I know that with her job working for Prima Hotels she needs to be smart to go into Stanneylands Hotel or Nunsmere Hall. However I do think her working wardrobe is versatile with her little black dresses. I have helped her add a few coloured jackets now – such as the red one she bought this Christmas which we can both share.

Mum’s favourite item is actually her Mulberry handbag but both love vintage items, many being beaded evening dresses and a lace jacket which is now back in fashion. She will wear these items for evenings out and I mix mine up with high street labels. I have even worn some things to the beach.

I like going shopping with mum now as she doesn’t mind dashing round with me. I will pick out things for her from shops she would not normally go into and the added advantage is that she usually buys me something too…

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