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Robert Roope Black range

Robert Roope Black range - Credit: Archant

St Albans Fashion Show director Ellena Ophira chooses her favourite trends from Herts’ boutiques

As you burst from wintry hibernation into the sun, make sure your peepers are well covered with a stylish pair of sunglasses. An accessory like no other, they add instant mystery and glamour to anyone and any look.

This spring, adorn yourself with a statement pair from Robert Roope Optician’s Black Eyewear range for men and women. Located in the heart of St Albans, a humble little store front belies this serious eyewear powerhouse. Each frame is lovingly crafted by Roope himself, inspired by classic eyewear worn by his jazz heroes of the 1950s. Each frame has a personality of its own, designed with a musician or an icon of the period in mind. Picking a pair is like deciding who to channel for the day.

With his customers including the likes of Lady Gaga and, you are in good company knowing that Roope’s designs have a seriously stylish seal of approval.

Most recently, the man and his specs have been part of the Bright Old Things campaign at London’s Selfridges, with a whole window and retail space to call his own. Elegant, sophisticated and effortlessly cool, the tricky part is knowing which pair to pick.

With retro being a key trend this season, embrace this look in fabulous big eyewear. Go on, make a spectacle of yourself. Here are my top picks from his statement sunnies, (clockwise from top left) Paloma, £187; Coltrane II, £157; Carmen, £167; Christy, £177.


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St Albans Fashion Week takes place October 26-31.

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