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Looks and personality - costume jewellery has got it all

1. Suede necklace with removable enhancer of burnished charms and polished rings, �64.50, Miglio2. Grey tulle Kapow Wow ruffle necklace, �150, Kabiri3. It’s big and it’s brilliant, so Dominic Walmsley calls its amethyst and sterling silver ring, �190, the Big Brilliant(obvious really when you think about it)4. You'll find the filigree leaf design on this Pipal recycled silver dress ring, �65, from Cred really grows on you5. Weird but kinda wonderful Closed Lily black leather necklace, �120, from Tanya's Design Studio6. Oversized asymmetric pearl and crystal heart ring,�15, I Kandi7. Clear Perspex cuff with black inlaid stones, �14,by Bags of Sparkle8. Purple crystal-encrusted bauble bracelet (matching necklace and earrings available), �35, from I Kandi

Stockists’ information

Miglio: 01460 279960; 0207 317 2155; Walmsley: 020 7250 0125; www.dominicwalmsley.comCred: 01243 773588;www.credjewellery.comTanya's Design Studio: 01792 466140; Kandi: 0777 258 0137; www.ikandi4u.comBags of Sparkle:

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