Fashion: Sports-luxe for summer


Wedge - Credit: Archant

Ethanie Jackson Turner goes in search of the trends in the county’s best boutiques

Trousers, Womens Society

Trousers, Womens Society - Credit: Archant

Is it time for summer wear yet? I think so, because this spring and summer ‘sports-luxe’ is going to be everywhere.

Top, Women's Society

Top, Women's Society - Credit: Archant

If, like me, you revel in the thought of being fashionable as well as comfortable, you’re in luck. This popular trend, seen on the cat walks and popping up everywhere on the high street, is all about casual cuts and comfortable fabrics.

But be warned, sports-luxe comes with its perils – mainly appearing all sports with no luxe – so one simple rule to abide by is that Pimm’s is the only drink to sip while wearing this trend and if you’re gasping for water you’ve gone a step too far.

So, not to get confused with sportswear, I suggest you head to Hertford’s award-winning boutique, The Women’s Society (, which has welcomed this casual chic look with open arms.

Key looks this month include YaYa casic round neck top (£20), Soaked in Luxury pants (£59) and Ash sandals (£169) – low heel wedges that are the perfect height to take you from day to night.

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