Fashion: summer party season

Design by Kate Davison

Design by Kate Davison - Credit: Archant

Ethanie Jackson Turner’s guide to the best boutiques in Herts

Kate Davison millinery

Kate Davison millinery - Credit: Archant

It’s wedding and garden-party season! Time to go hat shopping.

Now, I was never one for hats or fascinators – sure, a wide-brim fedora might make an appearance during a summer holiday and a knitted woollen might keep my head warm during the winter months – but hats and fascinators (the hat alternative for the larger of head among us) for an event always seemed odd to me. Why would I wear something that covered up the hair my stylist took hours to create and my purse tried slapping me over?

As if to emphasise the point, last year the king of millinery, Philip Treacy, declared the fascinator dead. But in fact, the fascinator isn’t dead – that mass-produced feather stuck on headband, which shows no skill or creativity, is dead. And rightly so. I’ve come to change my tune on headwear – millinery is a great art. A fabulous hat or fascinator has the ability to elevate your outfit to the next level of sophistication.

To raise your game for that upcoming wedding or event, I suggest you head to St Albans-based Kate Davison ( Kate creates intricate hand-made fascinators and hats (such as pictured here) that will give your outfit a unique edge. Lead times are currently eight weeks, so plan ahead for your head.

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