Jazzy Designs - fairytale princess dresses made in Bramhall

Jasmina's daughter, Zara (3) and Isabelle King (7) wearing two of Jasmina's creations

Jasmina's daughter, Zara (3) and Isabelle King (7) wearing two of Jasmina's creations - Credit: Archant

From engineering aircraft to creating fairytale dresses for little girls, the career change of Jasmina Bojic from Bramhall has really taken off

Jazzy Designs, Bramhall, with Jasmina Bojic

Jazzy Designs, Bramhall, with Jasmina Bojic - Credit: Archant

When Jasmina Bojic’s career as an aeronautical engineer nosedived, she revived a childhood hobby. And, with a dash of Hollywood fairy dust, her new venture is really taking off.

It has been boosted by the stratospheric success of Disney’s animated film Frozen and now drawing inspiration from the launch of Kenneth Branagh’s film version of Cinderella using real-live actors, Bramhall-based Jasmina’s sewing business, Jazzy Designs, is very busy.

As an aeronautical engineer, Jasmina’s speciality was air elastics, the term for the vibration that can cause aircraft wings to ‘flutter’. In her new pursuit, flutter has more to do with the Fairy Godmother’s wings. But if fairytales are just that, fantasy for children, Jasmina’s own story comprises a fascinating story.

She was born and bred in the Bosnian city of Mostar.

Jasmina's daughter, Zara (3) and Isabelle King (7) wearing two of Jasmina's creations

Jasmina's daughter, Zara (3) and Isabelle King (7) wearing two of Jasmina's creations - Credit: Archant

Jasmina said: ‘When the war started in 1992 I was 22 - in the third year at university for a degree in aeronautical engineering. There was an aircraft factory in Mostar employing over 5,000 people. That too was a victim of the war.

‘I had the idea to come to the UK and work as an au pair to learn English. I worked for families near London, but after 12 months the situation back home was getting worse.’

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Jasmina took on cleaning jobs for a couple of years until it was suggested that she resume her studies in England. She started an aeronautical engineering course all over again from scratch, this time at City University in London.

‘It was a three year course and I had difficulties with language at first, but I stuck with it and got my degree. I got a job straight away working for British Aerospace at Woodford and moved to Stockport with my husband Blazo.’ Blazo, an IT specialist, and Jasmina, were married in Las Vegas and now have two children, a son Luka, seven, and daughter Zara, three.

Jasmina worked at Woodford for 15 years. She loved her career but in 2009 BAe Systems announced that the Woodford factory, would close in 2012 with the loss of 630 jobs.

Highly skilled in her role, Jasmina switched to BAe’s plant in Chadderton - birthplace of the Lancaster bomber - but in March 2012, this factory was also shut down. Jasmina decided to take redundancy.

Since then Jasmina has lent her skills to a couple of short-term contracts and would relish the opportunity to do more, but had to map out a new career course. ‘I always liked sewing, since making dresses for my dolls as a little girl.’

Working at home in Bramhall, Jasmina sources virtually all her raw materials via eBay and markets and sells her work, ranging from Disney-inspired princess dresses to home furnishings and curtains, through her Facebook page which boasts legions of ‘likes’. She also sells her Jazzy Designs range via Maggie Baldwin’s remarkable Crookilley Crafts Emporium, a treasure house of gifts handmade by local crafters, tucked away in a corner of Bramhall village square.

‘The dresses are for little girls aged from one to seven years and we attract lots of mums and grandmothers as customers, locally and increasingly, from abroad. It would be nice one day to have a studio to work in, but for now I manage at home...except my little girl thinks that all the dresses I make should be for her!’


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