Shiny Happy People - Sequin Style

Isn't it time you discovered the power of sequins?<br/>Jo Haywood states their case

You can’t move these days for minor celebrities and people you vaguely recognise gliding around our television screens in top-to-toe sequins.Whether they’re dancing or skating, they seem to be powered by sheer twinkliness.Fully grown men – rugby players, no less – appear more than happy to shed their macho image in favour of sparkly catsuits with necklines that plunge perilously close to their navels, while clonelike young ladies who may or may not have been in a soap, or a pop band, or the back of a taxi with a member of Take That spin on spike heels wearing little more than 14 sequins on a handkerchief-sized square of pink netting.But are we jealous? You bet we are. If they can wear enough sequins to power the National Grid, why can’t we?The good news, my fashionable friends, is that we can. The party season is approaching faster than an overweight children’s TV presenter attempting a triple salco and sequins are virtually compulsory.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they are purely for girly-girls. You can skip joyfully down the fullon Cinderella route if you like, but sequins work just as well – if not better – when used to add texture and interest to an otherwise chic piece.If you’re a bit squeamish, you can tread gently into the trend with a pair of shoes or sandals inspired by dear old Dorothy and her ruby slippers.Or treat yourself to a sequinned clutch. Then if you decide halfway through the night that it’s really not for you, you can tuck your bag under the table.If you’re feeling quite daring and fancy a sequinned dress, steer clear of bright colours. Jewel tones and metallics work well, but pinks, yellows and oranges can look like you’re trying too hard to get everybody’s attention. In other words, unless you are actually going to juggle puppies while riding a unicycle, you’re bound to disappoint.And finally, just because sequins and embellishments are everywhere this season, that doesn’t mean you have to wear them everywhere. A sequinned dress is good, as is a sequinned shrug, bag or shoes. But a sequinned dress and shrug and bag and shoes is really bad. So bad in fact that Brucie wouldn’t even let you wear it on Strictly Come Dancing. It would be not nice to see you, to see you not nice.

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