Stockport stockbroker Anna Chan goes from finance to high heels (with audio)

Former stockbroker Anna Chan gave up a career in high finance to design shoes

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Stockport is famous for its millinery but Anna Chan is turning that reputation on its head. The former stockbroker turned on her heels and left a career in the City to pursue her passion for designing shoes.

The 26-year-old is now hoping her designs will be a hit with well-heeled women around Cheshire - and she then aims to target the growing middle class market in her parents’ homeland, China.

‘They have a very top end market and a much lower market in China, but there is a wide gulf between the two,’ Anna said. ‘I want my shoes to offer affordable luxury for a reasonable price.’

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Anna grew up dreaming of a career in business but found that her job with a global investment bank left her unfulfilled.

‘When I was little, my mum used to ask what I wanted to do when I grew up. I used to go to ballet and piano classes but I always wanted to go to work with a briefcase and to be a businesswoman.

‘As a stockbroker there is a clear career path, it’s all mapped out. With what I’m doing now, there’s none of that. I had a good career but I wanted to do something I was passionate about.’

She launched her new business mid-way through last year and her website - - went live last month.

‘I’ve been doing this for a few months but I have been sketching shoes much longer than that. I have always loved fashion, I’m a girls’ girl and I’m really passionate about this

‘I’m drawn to peoples’ shoes. I might see a girl in a club or out shopping and I’ll take ideas from her shoes and incorporate them into my designs.‘I do the drawings and designs at home, sitting in my bedroom, on the bus, in a club… anywhere really, and then the shoes are made by the same factory in Italy that makes Fendi shoes.

‘It has been really hard to launch the brand. There have been times when I have felt like giving up but I am so passionate about what I’m doing I am determined to make it work.’ 

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