Feet first for late summer beauty

Been too scared to put your feet on show all summer? Well, don't worry, there's still time to bare all in fancy flipflops. Just follow our easy tips for getting your toes in top condition

Been too scared to put your feet on show all summer? Well, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to bare all in fancy flipflops. Just follow our easy tips for getting your toes in top condition

Are your feet failing to toe the line when it comes to summer sandals? Are they tired and aching and covered with unsightly hard skin? If your feet don’t pass muster when it comes to the latest sparkly flipflops, don’t despair. Just try our easy treatment guaranteed to put a spring in your step.This treatment will relax the mind, rejuvenate tired feet, reduce hard skin and transport you back to your childhood when being barefoot on the beach was one of life’s simple pleasures!

In front of a comfortable chair lay a bath towel on the floor and place a washing up bowl in the centre of it. Almost fill the bowl with clean sand or coarse sea salt (available from catering outlets).Add six smooth pebbles ranging from walnut to apple size.Using a bucket or bowl, add warm water to the bowl on the floor (make sure it is not too hot or too cold).To one tablespoonful of milk add up to eight droops of essential oil(s) – try chamomile, peppermint, lavender and/or palmarosa. (The milk helps the oils mix with the water better).Add the milk mixtures to the warm water.Test the temperature and then sit down and soak the feet.Press the soles of the feet on to the sand/salt on the bottom to gently stimulate the circulation. If you wish to buff away hard skin then shuffle or rotate feet. Then rest your feet on the stones, pressing them into the arches, rolling them along the soles, trying to pick them up with the toes and pushing them around the bowl. This will relieve pain, stimulate sluggish circulation and soothe tired muscles.When the water cools empty some out and replace with more hot. After approximately half an hour remove feet from the water and dry with a towel.Moisturise feet and ankles thoroughly and relax for at least an hour – preferably with feet raised.


This recipe will moisturise hands, soften cuticles and strengthen nails.

In a small bowl or ramekin dish warm two tablespoonfuls of almond or olive oil to body temperature – the easiest way is to stand the dish in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.To the oil add up to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil or for an all round effect use four drops lavender, three drops geranium and three drops tea tree.Place a towel across your lap and on a table next to your chair arrange tissues and two polythene bags, or; more ideally, polythene gloves (from the chemist or your garage petrol pumps).Blend the oil mixture with hour hands. Soak your hands and wrists well until they are wet with oil – make sure you work the mixture in between the fingers, down underneath the nails, into the cuticles and up past the wrists.Put your hands in the polythene bags or gloves, being careful to remove any air.Wrap the towel round until you have a warm parcel and rest for 30 minutes (ie the duration of the news or a soap opera).During this time you will probably feel your hands warming up.When you remove your hands you will find that the increased circulation and moisture penetration will have warmed the skin and made the skin slightly flushed.Simply tissue off any residue and gently massage the area.You will find that the oil has penetrated quite deeply and your hands and cuticles feel and look much more supple.The massage is also helpful to increase the circulation, this is important as poor circulation on hands, legs and feet can often be directly related to skin problems.

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