Fitness trainer’s tips – the Powerhoop

Nana gives the Powerhoop a whirl

Nana gives the Powerhoop a whirl - Credit: Archant

Nana Akua, celebrity trainer, TV presenter and owner of LadyXsize fitness in Abbots Langley goes in search of innovative workouts

It’s about this time of year when people start to slack off from their exercise regime. The whole New Year, New You vibe is a distant memory and old habits start to set in. Time to find a more fun way of keeping fit.

Enter the Powerhoop, a weighted hoop with a wavy inner edge that helps to break down fat around the abdomen. Studies show it effectively and quickly helps reduce waist size. Just 15 minutes a day, five days a week, will do the trick.

The hoop is pure genius, and once you’ve mastered it, you won’t want to put it down. Fond childhood hula-hooping memories flood back. But while a standard lightweight hula-hoop is quite tricky to master, the weighted Powerhoop is very easy, so most will be able to do it.

So why, I hear you cry, aren’t people taking to it in their droves? The truth is, many have never heard of it and many who have think the results sound too good to be true. I carried out my own experiment and ran six-week Powerhoop programmes – the recommended duration to assess results. The results ranged from one to four inches waist reduction. So thumbs up for the Powerhoop. The trick now is sticking to it!

Try it out yourself. Sportspace in Hemel Hempstead also offers a variety of classes, and the hoop can be ordered online for home use.


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To raise your metabolism and burn calories in the shortest amount of time, do some jumping. It mainly uses the big muscles in the legs and core, which demand high levels of energy.

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