Free health seminars in Cheltenham

Pure Body Balance launches free 'de-stress and lose weight naturally' seminars

Free health seminars


Pure Body Balance launches free ‘de-stress and lose weight naturally’ seminars

Holistic health, nutrition and movement experts, Karen Maidment and Adrian Stokes from Pure Body Balance Integrated Health Clinic in Cheltenham are offering two free seminars in March to explore how emotional and physical stress can contribute to excess body weight.Aimed at women who want to lose weight, de-stress, re-energise and improve health and well-being including digestive issues and joint pain, Karen and Adrian will be sharing their expert knowledge - offering simple, natural and life-changing health solutions. The seminars are taking place on Saturday, March 17 (10.30-11.45am) at Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Tuesday, March 20 (7.30-8.45pm) at St Luke’s Church Hall, Cheltenham. Attendees will benefit from a complimentary mini personal health assessment along with exciting goody bags from Cheltenham’s Optimum Nutrition Centre.Karen Maidment, Health & Nutrition Specialist and Co-founder of Pure Body Balance, says, “Many women struggle needlessly with excess weight and other health issues which often stem from hidden stressors - relentless worry, over-burden, grief, emotional hurt and physical pain - inherent in a modern and increasingly fast paced society. We want to show these women that, with easy-to-implement and natural techniques, they can get back on track with their emotional and physical health.”Rachel Gledhill, a client at Pure Body Balance, says, “From working with Karen and Adrian, I feel like I'm back in charge of my health and back in charge of my body and ultimately my life. I feel a lot happier and I have a lot more energy. I can sleep through the night and am much more able to cope with a busy family life. Friends have commented on how much better I look. I was feeling quite down about what my life had become. I am feeling a lot more excited about life again. Thank you.”

Pure Body Balance, 5 Regent Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1HE, tel: 01242 254662, 

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