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First class patient care, cutting edge techniques and a professional female team combine to resolve your dental and aesthetic issues in luxurious surroundings


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No.5 Dental Care, based in Hindhead, has a reputation for excellence in dentistry, having notched up over 40 years’ of expertise in providing first class dental care and specialist treatments for the whole family.

Fresh off the back of three top-five positions in the prestigious Private Dental Awards, the team at No. 5 is now leading the charge to provide the very best solutions to patients’ long term dental issues and aesthetic concerns. The investment in innovation, cutting edge equipment, staff training and new treatments leaves the competition standing, so why not make an appointment and find out how you can be instantly rejuvenated.


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The Cerezen™ Device


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No 5 Dental is the first practice in the South East to offer the revolutionary new Cerezen™ Device to banish jaw pain, grinding and headaches caused by a condition known as TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) TMJD causes jaw pain and associated symptoms, such as the grinding of teeth and headaches, for millions of people worldwide every day. The traditional form of treatment for this has been to prescribe a bite splint, but now No. 5 Dental Care is offering this high tech solution to its patients.

The Cerezen™ Device is a medical device that treats the TM joint at its nearest access point - the ear canal. It consists of two custom-made, hollow inserts that rest in the outer part of the ear canal. There is no interference with hearing, and they can be worn 24 hours a day as well as being comfortable and discreet with a lifetime warranty.


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The shape of the ear canal changes when the jaw is opened or closed through movements such as chewing, smiling, and speaking. The Cerezen™ device uses this anatomical change to provide a unique near field treatment for TMJD. It encourages the patient to favour the “open bite” position, minimising the tendency to clench the jaw and tense the surrounding muscles.

“I’m one of the millions of people affected by TMJD so I have an excellent understanding of how it can impact on your daily life. I’m always looking for new ways to help my patients and, having used Cerezen™ myself for a few months now, I’m absolutely confident t hat it will benefit fellow sufferers as much as it has me,” Emma Clayton-Jones, owner, No.5 Dental.

Six Month Smiles

No 5 Dental’s patients want to look as good as they feel, which is why the practice offers Six Month Smiles. This technique focuses on moving the teeth that show when you smile and employs the latest innovations in dentistry. Using clear, adult braces that are unique and very discrete, your teeth will move quickly and safely with an emphasis on their cosmetic appearance. It’s a simple, pain free way to a dazzling smile.

“I am delighted with the results of my Six Month Smile. I always used to smile with my mouth closed but now I proudly show my teeth off” - Sarah Taylor, No. 5 Dental patient.

“I’d always been unhappy with my teeth so when I heard about Six Month Smiles I was really excited. The team was both friendly and experienced, explaining everything to me at each stage to enable me to understand the process. I’m so pleased with the results, I can’t believe how quick the process has been and I would highly recommend it to anyone” - Adam Gibson, No. 5 Dental patient.

Pain free, non-surgical facial treatments

Give nature a helping hand to improve your appearance and keep looking youthful with No. 5 Dental’s pain free, non-surgical facial treatments, new for 2016.

Using the very latest products and techniques, the fully trained aesthetics specialist will employ a simple and pain free process to leave you looking instantly rejuvenated. Patients can achieve the results they want with a range of treatments that include the forehead, eyes (crows feet), lips and nose to mouth lines.

“It’s not something I thought I would ever do but as Hannah is medically trained I had every confidence in her, I’m delighted with the results.” - Sharon Sullivan, Receptionist at No5.

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