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Jodie Wood, aesthetician and my treatment practitioner at the Dr Leah Clinic in Loughton, tells us more about 3D Shockwave treatment being used to target fat cells and cellulite

The fear of being in a bikini in the next few months haunts me to my core and as much as I remind myself that I am only human, I also forget that I should embrace and love the body I am in. No matter how much I maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I still suffer from ‘dimples’ on my backside and legs which really get the better of me! Even though it is reassuring to find that I am not alone, when more than 80% of women report having cellulite somewhere on their bodies, I am still body conscious.

Nevertheless, over the next few months I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to Dr Leah Totton’s new Loughton clinic to participate in her new, bespoke and innovative treatment: 3D Lipomed Bespoke Hifu and Shockwave Therapy. This is a big deal for me (getting my body out in front of WEL readers), so please be nice! I invite you to join me on my journey and see the changes in my body, the results taking place and how this treatment can help many others out there.

Jodie Wood, aesthetician and my treatment practitioner at the Dr Leah Clinic in Loughton, tells us more…

Can you tell us more about 3D Shockwave?

First of all, this is an exciting new innovative bespoke treatment, which was created for Dr Leah Clinic in Loughton. Shockwave works by stimulating fat breakdown, collagen synthesis to tighten and tone and lymphatic drainage helping with circulation and blood flow. Shockwave is delivered by placing a probe up against the areas of cellulite, and as it passes over the area it emits radial waves through the skin. It is a perfect solution if you are trying to budge stubborn cellulite. A course of Shockwave can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving blood flow to the skin as well as reduce the volume of fat by helping your cells flush away unwanted fatty acids.

Is this treatment good for me?

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It is good for anyone as it can treat any part of your body including legs, arm, stomach, etc. Men and women, someone in their early 20s going on summer getaway, or perhaps getting married: it is a great treatment for long- and short- term goals.

What results can I expect from my treatment?

A course of treatment is typically 8-10 sessions for 45 minutes, but this depends on the individual and how much cellulite they possess. The full impact of the Shockwave treatment may not be immediately noticeable, however following your first 3-4 treatment sessions you should be able to start seeing a change in the texture of your skin. The visual benefits should occur within a month. If you exercise more and increase your water in take, you may see better results. However, everyone is different and new client will be given a free consultation and advice on what will work best for them.

How can I combine Shockwave with other treatments?

Many people who undergo Shockwave choose to combine it with other procedures, but it all depends on the client and what their therapist recommends for their body.

Does it work for everyone?

Yes, but it really depends on how many treatments the individual client needs. For example if someone is a grade four (most severe), where cellulite is very lumpy, or they may have larger or uneven legs, they may find it beneficial to continue with more treatments.

Is it a permanent fixture?

Yes, it is for life because you are breaking down the fat cells. However, you need to continue a healthy, balanced lifestyle; otherwise you will start to make new fat cells again.

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