Get in season with autumnal colours

Autumn fashions have been inspired by the colours of the countryside, as Jo Haywood discovers

Mother Nature is a woman with a seasonal sense of style. And she looks set to be right on trend this autumn, resplendent in her sunset oranges and pinks, earthy browns and yellows, berrylicious plums and rosehips, and hardy evergreens. There is something very comforting in this season's choice of grounded, natural shades. They feel warm and welcoming, like freshly-made bread toasting on an open fire. You might still be parading around in your summer best - in fact you could well be reading this in your bikini for all I know - but if you have your finger on the fashion pulse (you know you have, you stylish devil), your thoughts are undoubtedly already on your autumn wardrobe. Getting your colours right this season couldn't be easier - you just have to look out of the window. Or rather, you have to imagine it's already the middle of autumn and look out of your imaginary window. Think about the glorious golds, chocolatey browns and rich russets of the trees; the luscious ripeness of purple and wine-coloured autumnal berries and fruits; the deep oranges and warm pinks of a sunset; and the mossy greens and mustardy yellows of shady forest glades. And if you're still unsure and need inspiration, don't just trail round the high street, hoping inspiration will strike. Take a stroll in the country instead and let Mother Nature be your style guide for the upcoming season.

Down to earth

Yorkshire-based ethical fashion label The Earth Collection has been awarded the EU Flower for its commitment to the environment. The company, which has its headquarters in Liversedge and 30 stories across the country, limits its use of harmful substances in its cotton production and ensures low levels of water and air pollution. The EU Flower provides a simple, green buying guide in 23 product categories from detergents to camp sites to clothes. All goods bearing the flower logo have been independently tested and comply with strict ecological and performance criteria. Jens-Peter Jensen, founder of The Earth Collection, said: 'Consumers today are more sensitive to the protection of the environment with four out of five Europeans saying they would like to buy more environmentally friendly products. 'When customers choose eco-labelled products, they have a direct impact on supply and demand in the marketplace. This then guides the market towards greater environmental awareness and encourages a corporate commitment to continuous environmental improvement.'

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