Finding your perfect suit with Slater Menswear in Chelmsford

Sawyers & Hendricks Jacket From 65 - Sawyers & Hendricks Jacket From 65 - Waistcoat from 35 - Slate

Sawyers & Hendricks Jacket From 65 - Sawyers & Hendricks Jacket From 65 - Waistcoat from 35 - Slater Menswear - Credit: Archant

Whether it’s for a wedding, business meeting or any other formal occasion, getting your perfect suit is no easy task. We’ve spoken to Slater Menswear in Chelmsford to find out how they can help

No doubt we've all had that one suit that's stayed with us through numerous graduations, weddings, interviews and meetings. There comes a time, however, when your old faithful two-piece will need to be replaced.

That's where Slater Menswear in Chelmsford comes in.

Based on the city's High Street, the store is managed by David McCaig and won the Groomswear Collection of the Year at the British Wedding Awards for 2019.

They have a wide selection of suits, formal wear and accessories for purchase or hire and, as is the case with all Slater stores around the country, they offer free alterations to ensure that your suit is tailored perfectly to you.

Sleek Street 199 - Slater Menswear

Sleek Street 199 - Slater Menswear - Credit: Archant

McCaig has been part of the Slater Menswear team since 2012 and the experience of him and his team will be crucial in finding you the perfect suit.

Why is getting your suit choice right so important?

We're all familiar with the various dress codes demanded by different formal events but there are a number of other factors at play when choosing a suit that may not be as immediately obvious.

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Getting the right suit can make you feel more confident and comfortable, possibly even influencing your whole demeanour: "With the right fit you'll walk and hold yourself differently," says McCaig.

Penguin 135 - Slater Menswear

Penguin 135 - Slater Menswear - Credit: Archant

Aside from the fit and look of your suit, there are some practical elements which will need to be considered. David says: "You should always take into account the time of year and what kind of colours are in at that time of year.

"In summer the majority of our suits will be a slightly lighter weight with linens and other similar materials being popular while in winter heavier wool and wool-polyester blends will come to the fore."

What should you take into account when looking for a suit?

"Fit is the golden rule," David Says. "Regardless of price or brand or quality we would always make sure that you opt for the suit that fits you best. If we were to show you one of our £55 suits against one of our £199 suits and the £55 suit fits better, we're going to tell you that that's the better option for you."

Fellini Tailored From 110 - Slater Menswear

Fellini Tailored From 110 - Slater Menswear - Credit: Archant

If it's been a while since you've purchased a suit or you have no idea about the various intricacies involved with getting the right fit, David recommends speaking to a member of staff as soon as you get in the store.

"The first question we normally get in the store is 'what size am I?' Many people are used to going in and buying things off the shelves meaning they're never 100% sure of certain dimensions including sleeve length or chest size," says David.

Those dimensions will guide Slater's staff as they help you through the whole process.

David says: "We'll always take into account your height, your build and how broad you are across the shoulders. Each of our jacket lengths is proportional to your height and your build and once we've got that right we can sort the fit in the body and the sleeve with any alterations taken from there."

Broadstone Bros Waistcoat 35 - Sawyers and Hendricks 65 - Broadstone Bros Jacket From 59 - Slater Me

Broadstone Bros Waistcoat 35 - Sawyers and Hendricks 65 - Broadstone Bros Jacket From 59 - Slater Menswear - Credit: Archant

How you plan on wearing the suit once purchased will also bring with it other things to think about that will likely never occur to someone who rarely dons smart attire.

"Your classic two-piece or three-piece suit would come with two buttons and I would suggest either buttoning only the top button or no buttons at all," David says.

"With a waistcoat underneath you would also never button the jacket - those are just a couple of simple rules when it comes to wearing jackets."

Regardless of the occasion you're purchasing for, having an open mind when browsing is vital to give yourself the best chance of finding a suit that ticks all the boxes.

David says: "It's always good to consider all options when you come into the store regardless of whether you already have a colour or style in mind - don't be afraid to try something a little different."


To find out more about Slater Menswear and the services they offer, visit their website or give them a call on 01245 987777. Alternatively, visit them in store to meet David or one of their dedicated members of staff.

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