Grace Timothy says there is now something for everyone in the skincare market

Grace Timothy

Grace Timothy - Credit: Archant

Grace Timothy is thrilled to see the trend for ‘bespoke’ skincare expanding to reach the masses

Identifying what your skin needs isn’t just knowing what kind of skin you were born with. After genes decide the basics, your skin type is down to a blend of changeable and very personal factors – hormones, environment and lifestyle. Although most of us can recognize major concerns like oiliness, dryness and pigmentation, your skin will continue to change all year long. So why do so many of us rely on the same skincare products we’ve used since adolescence? If your skin is constantly changing – however subtly – shouldn’t we change our products to suit? How can one regime restore balance and get the most out of your complexion every day of the year? The best case scenario is that we’d all have regular facials with takeaway prescriptions to tackle whatever is going on at that moment. Of course, beyond the Gwyneths and Madonnas of this world, this is a little out of reach for the majority of us. Which is why I’m thrilled to see the trend for ‘bespoke’ skincare expanding to reach the masses.

My first experience of a custom-blend was from aromatherapist and founder of Inner-Soul Organics Emma Coleman. She uses a skin type questionnaire to establish exactly what you need and blends a Bespoke Facial Oil £95 accordingly. My own oil is a divine concoction – lighter than you might expect, but robust enough to ward off the dry patches I complained of. All in all, it’s a total delight to use. Or perhaps if you’re loathe to give up your favourite moisturiser altogether, you might like to customize existing products with booster serums. Celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman – whose 2-hour bespoke facial is £200 – offers three such Skinesis Serums (£57 each), tackling dryness, oiliness and uneven skin tone. That might seem a high price tag for a relatively small item, but the joy of a booster is that a little goes a long way, especially as you’ll be chopping and changing between them as the seasons change. For an organic alternative, Absolution Solutions (from £43) each bolster your day and night cream fight against a range of specific skincare niggles. For Vitamin-based boosts, Alpha-H Skin Loving Vitamins £45 provides another easy way to adapt your skincare. The kit includes Vitamin A to encourage skin’s repair overnight, while C and E boost natural brightness and skin’s defence against UV aggressors. It’s all you’ll need to winter-proof your complexion.

For a more sensorial treat, Neals Yard Remedies have a blend-your-own service, so you can tailor creams, massage oils and body washes (from £6.50). Take full advantage of the shop staff’s expertise to ensure you get something that’ll suit you and don’t necessarily go in seeking a miracle cures for troubled skin – this is all about pleasure. Finally, perfumer Geza Schoen has created Escentric Molecules, a range of scents designed to combine with your own pheromones to create a personalised scent (from £27).


(Re)Boot Camp

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What’s your skin type?

When adding in boosters and personalising your skincare regime, it’s important to know exactly what you need, tailoring products accordingly. A dermatologist or experienced facialist can identify your main concerns for you, but for a quick DIY diagnosis, Mr. Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon at Sussex’s Banwell Clinic suggests an easy way to self-analyse. “Wash your face, pat it dry and leave it for 20 minutes, then press a piece of tissue across your face. The paper will stick if you have oily skin. If the tissue doesn’t stick you have dry skin. If it sticks in your T-zone area only, you have combination skin.”



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