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Classic style of Audrey Hepburn

Classic style of Audrey Hepburn - Credit: Archant

How movies, music and models can help inspire your new Spring look

“This month I’ve been thinking about my personal icons and how they have influenced my craft,” says Tunbrige Wells hair stylist Greg Morgan.

“My top iconic hair styles worn by some of my favourite women, from actresses to models, have influenced my career and I continue to take inspiration from them for my clients and models.”

Patti Smith: rock ‘n roll all the way, that fringe gave a slightly grungy look that was very experimental for her. Today, we can update the look by playing on different lengths - from long with short layers to textured bobs.

Debbie Harry: sexy as you like, with a long, irritating fringe that looks totally fitting for this sex symbol. Her mid-length layered bob with over-processed bleached hair couldn’t have been more perfect then, as it is right now.

Bridget Bardot: the French sex symbol with her tousled long hair either thrown up loosely or worn down in a big loose roller set. Totally timeless and set a precedent for models and young girls for the last few decades.

Mia Farrow: such a soft pixie urchin look, cut by the master himself Vidal Sassoon, again a timeless haircut and still so modern today.

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Twiggy: always a favourite from her bobby haircut days, that low side parting and hair tucked behind one ear opens up the face for a fresh, modern look.

Louise Brooks: her strong fringed bob from the 1920s has been modified over the years by women all over the globe; wear yours from the cheekbone area to below the jaw.

Kate Moss: a modern icon who still rates among my favourite-ever models. She has rocked many a look and influenced women from her early grungy early days to her more glamorous fashion campaigns photographed by some of the best photographers in the world.

Audrey Hepburn: her classic look has always played a big part when stylists are dressing out and doing an updo. There’s a beautiful scene in one movie where she effortlessly throws her hair up into a beautiful chignon, places a couple of Kirby grips into the mix and off she goes.

For me this is what I love and find very modern and sexy. I’m not a fan of updos that look perfect, any thing that is less than perfect always has a bit more interest and appeal.

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