Harrogate jeweller A Fattorini still cuts a stylish figure at 180

Like a fine vintage wine, A Fattorini in Harrogate just keeps getting better.

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Like a fine vintage wine, A Fattorini in Harrogate just keeps getting better.This upmarket retail jeweller, founded by Antonio Fattorini in 1831 and still in family hands 180 years later, has earned a reputation for integrity, quality and service over almost two centuries – a reputation it works hard to improve further with each passing year.

‘Our history is important to us, but we are always looking towards the future,’ said Wayne Beales, who runs the landmark Parliament Street store on behalf of the founder’s great, great grandsons. ‘We have heritage and credibility, which are valuable commodities at a time when businesses launch and fail within 12 months.

‘And I know our customers like the fact that we not only keep going year after year, but actively get better with age.’

A major investment has been made in the business this year leading to the creation of an in-store bespoke Rolex boutique and the introduction of other branded jewellery from top names like London Road, which itself has a history spanning three generations, and Baccarat, a name that has come to personify luxury French style since its launch in 1764.

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A date which takes us neatly back to Antonio Fattorini, who was born and raised near Lake Como, Italy, in the latter years of the 18th century before bringing his family to England to escape the turmoil of his post-Napoleonic country.

He began his retail career trading bric-a-brac in Leeds and, in 1831, moved with his wife to Harrogate, taking premises in Regent Parade selling upmarket jewellery and fancy goods to wealthy families visiting the popular spa town.

The jewellery impresario died in 1859 and the business was taken on by one of his sons, also called Antonio, who moved it to more expansive, prominent premises, first in Royal Parade then Parliament Street. He was later joined by his sister Maria, her husband John Tindall and their sons John and Edward, whose descendants retain hold of the business.

The jewellers continued to flourish, weathering tough times during both wars with style and grace, before expanding again in 1965 with the takeover of neighbouring premises and the creation of the chic boutique store that remains at the heart of modern Harrogate.

Today, as in 1831 when Antonio founded the business, A Fattorini aims to offer goods of the highest quality, beauty and finish and to maintain an impeccable level of service to all.

‘This is a store with old-fashioned values and a modern outlook,’ said Wayne. ‘That is a particularly potent mix in anybody’s terms.‘We also have the valuable bonus of continuity. Five generations on, we are still in the safe hands of Antonio’s family.’

For more information about A Fattorini, call in at 10 Parliament Street, Harrogate, HG1 2QZ, phone 01423 502440 or visit a-fattorini.com.

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