Hat mistakes!


- Credit: Archant

The top 5 mistakes you could be making with your hat and how to avoid them!


- Credit: Archant


- Credit: Archant

1. The hat over-powering / dominating your outfit.

Your choice of headwear should both complement and complete your outfit – remember you are wearing your hat and not the other way round. Opt for a hat that flatters both you and your outfit. Petite ladies may find a fascinator or neat headpiece more in keeping with their proportions while taller ladies can carry off fabulous wide-brimmed creations.

2. A negative attitude towards wearing hats.

Being traumatized by your school bonnet or hating the big floppy hat you wore to a wedding 10 years ago is a bit like hating the way, say, a maxi dress looks on you and never wearing any dress ever again. There are so many shapes and styles of hats, perchers and fascinators around that there really is a hat for everyone. Ditch that negativity, shop for your hat with an open mind. Try on a wide variety and you will be surprised at what you CAN wear. Confidence is key!

3. Etiquette Fails

There are a number of etiquettes to be observed when wearing hats to formal occasions, this list should help you steer clear of the most common faux pas…

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At weddings the mother of the bride leads the rest of the lady guests, until she removes her hat or fascinator the other ladies should remain in their headwear.

Unlike gentlemen, ladies’ hats are considered to be part of their attire and are not required to be removed indoors. HOWEVER consideration should be shown to other guests, particularly if your large hat is blocking the view of those seated behind you.

Likewise in group photographs, ensure that your headwear does not obscure the faces of other guests.

More obscurely it is considered poor etiquette to show the inside / lining of your hat, when removing your hat it should be held so that the inside is against your torso.

Many formal occasions (think garden parties at Buckingham Palace and Royal Ascot) have their own dress-codes and it is vital that these are observed.

4. Positioning your hat incorrectly

Wearing your hat as it was designed to be worn will immediately improve the way it looks as well as improving fit and stability. An ill-fitting hat, an improperly positioned fascinator or heaven forbid the elastic worn under the chin instead of under the hairline will detract enormously from the overall effect of your outfit. If in doubt seek professional advice!

5. Not trying on your entire outfit TOGETHER

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough! Ensuring that every detail of your outfit from head to toe works together will mean that you will turn heads for all the right reasons. Your choice of accessories such as jewellery, bag and shoes will often depend entirely on your choice of headwear. Once you are delighted with your chapeau, careful selection of these items will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to check colours in daylight as artificial lighting can often make colours appear very different to how the look in natural lighting.

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