Health and Happiness in Hitchin

Health & Happiness Nutrition

Health & Happiness Nutrition - Credit: Archant

Hitchin-based entrepreneur Amy Huggins has launched what she claims is Hertfordshire’s first raw juice bar.

Hitchin-based entrepreneur Amy Huggins

Hitchin-based entrepreneur Amy Huggins - Credit: Archant

Her company Health and Happiness Nutrition (, aims to cleanse people’s bodily systems with a regimen of fruits and vegetables. The practice of juicing has come to prominence with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr among others extolling its virtues. Huggins offers tailored advice beginning with individual consultations and support before, during and after a cleanse and points out all HAH juices are organic and cold pressed to ensure maximum nutrients are retained, unlike shop bought heat-treated pasteurised varieties and smoothies.

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