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Haymax treatment for hayfever

Haymax treatment for hayfever - Credit: Archant

The Radio 2 health expert’s top Hertfordshire tips

There are some wonderful charitable organisations in Hertfordshire. I’ve recently come across Earthworks ( – a registered charity that offers trainees, who often have learning difficulties or mental health problems, work experience and training in horticultural and land-based skills at a three-acre site in Hixberry Lane in St Albans.

The project is managed on environmental principles and offers honey, apple juice, chutneys and amazing freshly picked organic veg such as purple sprouting broccoli, Chinese flowering shoots, kale, Swiss chard and much more to buy on site or at St Albans farmers’ markets.


If you are a sneezing right now it’s probably hay fever – or seasonal allergic rhinitis to be correct. Before resorting to medication, consider reducing your exposure to pollen. Keep windows and doors closed when the pollen count is high (and in the bedroom at night) in order to keep the amount of pollen entering the body below the level where the allergic reaction starts. This way, extra histamines won’t be released. Also try Haymax - an organic pollen barrier balm, which is applied to the nose (it doesn’t show) and traps more than a third of pollen entering the body, as well as dust and pet allergens. It’s totally drug-free. You can buy Haymax online and in Herts health stores.


One bit of good news for hay fever sufferers – at least we can drown our sorrows with red wine, which is thought to be high in the natural antihistamine Quercetin. To that end support your local Herts vineyard. Frithsden ( is a boutique vineyard near the Ashridge Estate in Berkhamsted. It’s a fab day out, but assign a non-drinker if you intend to taste!

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