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Janey’s top Herts tips for a healthier lifestyle

Get Ready for Love

A recent study has found that feeling alone or isolated can shorten a person’s lifespan, and virtual relationships won’t do the trick. Couples who text each other are much less happy, while face-to-face relationships are much more fulfilling, the report by Brigham Young University in Utah, suggests. Perhaps it’s time to get back to good old fashioned real relationships rather than virtual ones?

TJ Gibbs, a Watford-based author and relationship coach, points out the importance of self love as a foundation for a successful partnership. She says many people think ‘If only I could just find the right partner I would feel happy’. But in doing so feel it’s the partner’s job to make them feel loved. This leads to unfulfilled dreams, broken promises and shattered expectations. Love is an ‘inside job’ TJ says and loving yourself is an essential foundation to loving and receiving love from another. For more on the subject, TJ’s Get Ready for Love is available via

Zoot bars

If you suffer from bloating and want to grab a snack on the go, try Zoot bars. These healthy new snacks are a fusion of food fuels, and taste and provide sustained energy over a long period of time. There are nine flavours, as well as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan, all with a whopping 70 per cent fruit content. Give them a try from and Claire James health foods in Kings Langley.

Mangle and Wringer

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Spring is in the air, so that means a spring clean will be needed. Ditch the chemicals this year and go old style with lemons, bicarbonate of soda and a microfibre cloth. Help is at hand with the gorgeous natural products from Mangle and Wringer. Based on natural non-toxic traditional recipes you can get cleaning with a green conscience, and it burns off the calories too... See

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