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The Garden on a Roll

The Garden on a Roll - Credit: Archant

The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and foods in the county

You, like me, may not be green fingered. So let me introduce you to the innovative award-winning Garden on a Roll by Hertfordshire expert garden designer Antony Henn from The Dutch Nursery and Garden Centre in Brookmans Park. He has created a template to guarantee success even for non-gardeners. You get everything you need to create your very own professionally designed garden border. Choose from Evergreen, Mixed Border, Mediterranean Border, Bee and Butterfly and more.

The ‘planting by numbers’ approach works surprisingly well. The roll offers a revolutionary, bio-degradable, paper template which is all marked up to help you position the plants perfectly and suppresses weeds for up to three months. So mark out the border, prepare the ground by digging to a depth of at least eight inches (or get the kids to do it), roll out the paper plan and peg into the ground - even the pegs are supplied. Place the pre-numbered plants on their indicated positions, which ensures correct spacing, and then remove the pots and slip the plant into the ground through the holes cut into paper. Water your plants and voila, a beautiful border! The company also does a fabulous Herb Box, that is even easier to make. See

Coffee break

After all that gardening you will be in need of a drink! A Herts duo has created a brilliant coffee substitute. Crio Brü ( is made from 100 per cent pure, premium, roasted and ground cocoa beans, that brew just like coffee. It has the essence of dark chocolate, but being roasted and brewed, has the consistency, flavour and complexity of a fine coffee. Crio Brü has the same amount of caffeine as decaffeinated coffee but naturally contains theobromine, which is considered to be a gentle, longer lasting, non-addictive stimulant.

A helping hand

You will need to sort out your hands too. Grab some Beds-based company Logona’s Daily Care Hand Cream. It contains jojoba oil, organic aloe vera and shea butter for their powerful hydrating properties. Go to

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