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The NHS website has short workouts that can be done at home with no equipment

The NHS website has short workouts that can be done at home with no equipment - Credit: Archant

TV fitness expert and BBC presenter Nana Akua’s tips for the exercise averse

Lets face it, the actual thought of exercise is not one that is entirely pleasurable. Most people groan at the prospect.

When I ask people, ‘When you can see the results why are you unable to commit?’, I often come up against the same response – yes, you’ve guessed it – ‘I haven’t got time’. So, to help fit in excercise with our busy lifestyles, here are some ideas to try that take hardly any time at all and still yield great results.

Powerhooping is one of the latest fitness crazes. This weighted hoop needs just 15 minutes per day, five days a week, to have an impact, leaving weekends free. After only six weeks (and you can do this at home of course), this full-body workout will have a shrinking effect on your waist and hips, with proven results. A Powerhoop costs from £29.

Or check out the NHS website, whose ‘live well’ and ‘lose weight’ sections have a series of 10-minute workouts that you can do for six days a week with a 12-week plan. There’s no equipment needed, or cost. Even the busiest of us can squeeze in 10 minutes.

If you just plain don’t like exercise, then try doing something for a great cause like Race for Life to spur you on. Buddy up with friends and family and go on practise walks. You might even not notice you’re exercising.

Trainer tip Research shows it takes 12 weeks to form new habits. So stick to your exercise regime and turn it into a habit for life.

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