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Nana Akua tries an Insanity workout

Nana Akua tries an Insanity workout - Credit: Archant

Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Nana Akua of LadyXsize, Abbots Langley, tries an insane workout

Looking for a workout to truly challenge your very being? Then try Insanity. It’s like a really good book – you just can’t wait to get to the end. Unlike a good book, no one is expected to complete it. But one session will leave you wanting more.

With the capacity to help participants burn up to 1,000 calories per session using no equipment whatsoever, this workout is set to take the UK by storm. Not to be confused by the DVD, where participants are given a t-shirt on completion of a 90-day challenge, the Insanity workout is just 45 minutes long, uses maximum interval training in three to five minute bursts with 30 second breaks.

I took part in the instructor training course and within just 10 minutes of attempting the workout, supposedly fit instructors were dropping like flies, myself included. By the end of the session, which no one finished, the floors were slippery and the room was full of condensation. But for some odd reason, a sense of liberation was in the air. You really have to try this one out for yourselves. A definite thumbs up! See the Insanity website for details of your nearest workout.


Trainer Tip.

If you usually work out two days a week, try three. Slight changes help shock the body out of routine, ramp up metabolism and get fat burning.

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