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Ever Green 300g (30 days) £34.99

Ever Green 300g (30 days) £34.99 - Credit: Archant

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January, for many, is all about the detox. For me, not so much. I don’t want to deprive myself of the things I love in a month when everything is so dank, dull and chill. However, I do appreciate the concept of ‘you get out what you put in’, so maintain a fairly healthy diet anyway. Having a hectic life, juggling work, children, spouse and home (and the occasional foray to the gym) I often feel beyond tired and I’m well aware that at my age (not telling, but it’s over 40!) things start to deteriorate. I was pretty impressed with the practical thinking behind Rejuve Me’s dietary supplement Ever Green therefore, and decided to give it a test run.

Ever Green has been developed by Dr Lakhveer Manku, a medical consultant specialising in geriatric medicine. She is passionately interested in ways we can slow the natural aging process down and looked at nutrition as a solution. The result is Ever Green, a soluble powder packed, and I mean packed, with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants: key nutrients that are the building blocks for great skin, healthy hair and nails.

The ingredients list isn’t long, but it is wholly natural and in no way could we consume such an intensive burst of really good stuff via a normal diet. The powder is deep, dark green – intimidatingly so – and has a deep, dark green fragrance too. It doesn’t actually taste the way it looks however, thankfully! Yes, you can taste green stuff, but there is an overlying sweetness from the addition of Stevia that combats any real unpleasantness. Trust me – I tried a wheatgrass and spirulina shot once…never again!

After just a few days of morning drinks I was feeling less shattered, more positive and more ready to attack the day. My visits to the gym are less of a chore than they were and after ten days I am a newly minted morning person perfectly happy to start the day ahead, whatever it might contain! I’m going to keep going on this – it makes good sense both scientifically and logically and I am quite sure it’s working for me.

Ever Green 300g (30 days) £34.99

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