7 skin secrets from an anti-ageing expert

Delabrousse Aesthetics

Delabrousse Aesthetics - Credit: Archant

Teresa Delabrousse, practitioner at Delabrousse Aesthetics lists 7 secrets to healthy, youthful skin.

Treaments at Delabrousse

Treaments at Delabrousse - Credit: Archant

The correlation between looking good and feeling great cannot be refuted. It influences a growing number of people’s decisions to invest in cosmetic procedures and is the reason I’m sitting down with Teresa Delabrousse, practitioner at Delabrousse Aesthetics, to pick her brains on a subject close to her heart. ‘Having flawless skin is a possibility’ she assures me, ‘you just need the correct assessment of your needs and professionally applied treatments’. Having practiced as an aesthetic consultant for three years now, and as a nurse for 20 years before that, Teresa is as close as it gets to a skincare fairy godmother. There may never have been a time that places such a bounty on looking young, so to debunk the myths and cut through all the noise surrounding non-surgical procedures, here are Teresa’s top seven skin secrets to a younger-looking face.


1) Skin Needling


Dermapen - Credit: Archant

The first of many corrective treatments offered by Delabrousse Aesthetics, the Dermapen is a market-leading skin needling device for plumping up lacklustre skin. A halo of needles at the end of the pen penetrates the epidermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The Dermapen can be used to treat the A to Z of skin complaints, rejuvenating the appearance of superficial scars, sun-damaged skin, deep lines and sagging. With the addition of a serum application pre and post-needling, ‘the results are equal to (if not better than) laser treatment’.


2) Wrinkle smoothing injections (commonly known as Botox)


Botox - Credit: Archant

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Practically as famous as the faces it treats, wrinkle smoothing injections address marks of expression and muscle memory in the upper region of the face, and is arguably the king of anti-ageing treatments. Over time, the muscles that contract when frowning and smiling create furrows in the skin that fail to ‘bounce back’ to the smooth appearance of youthful skin, and as such, cause permanent wrinkles. Where peels and pens aren’t potent enough to correct the skin laxity, these injections are the answer. The temporary paralysis of the muscles wears off after an average of 3 to 5 months.


3) Fillers


Fillers - Credit: Archant

They bear something of a notorious reputation which Teresa reassures me has been unfairly gained: ‘with fillers I favour a natural look. Done properly, it can be a massive confidence booster; I use Juvederm and Belotero to help clients regain their youthful appearance.’ Expanding spheres plump out the hollows of the face and fill out deep lines caused by natural ageing, smoking or sun-exposure.


4) Meseotherapy


Meseotherapy - Credit: Archant

Putting the ‘treat’ into treatment, the mesotherapy facial is the first offering on the list not to include a needle.. It works by infusing the mesoderm with a cocktail of rejuvenating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins that is worked into the skin by means of radiofrequency energy. The facial tightens the skin, brightens the complexion and can be used on patients of any age or skin type. ‘It’s non-invasive, non-prescriptive and increasingly popular amongst women bothered by a saggy jawline and loose skin who don’t want to have surgery.’


5) Obagi Skin Peel

Obagi Peel

Obagi Peel - Credit: Archant

The Obagi Radiance Peel is a medical grade procedure which encourages the damaged surface layer to peel away, revealing new, glowing skin. Top tip! ‘As well as refining the surface of the skin, this peel works on the deeper layers too, increasing the production of collagen and other skin plumping components for firmer skin.’ Teresa cites its popularity for the ‘instant and long-term payoff’ that a courses of peels guarantees.

The next-level exfoliation technique of the diamond-tipped wand increases blood flow to the skin that a shop-bought scrub simply couldn’t achieve. The machine simultaneously abrades the skin’s surface whilst vacuuming up the matter which has been buffed away. ‘As you’d expect with any good exfoliation, you are left with the smoothest skin; makeup will glide on seamlessly as opposed to floating on the surface for a flawless look’. This procedure complements the effects of the Agera peel and with little to no downtime, it’s ideal for those seeking a quick-fix.

Spider Vein

Spider Vein - Credit: Archant



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