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The ever lasting manicure, natural possibilities - Incredible results with a simple treatment

Many people are now reverting to natural nails, but just cannot manage to grow their own nails and keep them looking good. How many times have you been to have your nails done, and within an hour you have damaged them as they are not fully dry or after a few days they are chipped and looking ragged?

Here is the answer:Unlike other nail finishes, Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail treatment applied as a coating onto your own natural nails to strengthen and condition them.

Clients will enjoy seeing their nails transformed to their exceptionalpotential, with no fumes, no odours and minimal buffing.

The gel is available in over 100 different colours and dries instantly under a UVA Curing Lamp - no waiting around and you can walk out of the salon with shoes on after having your toe nails done. Your nails will be longwearing and chip proof and will keep their well manicured look long after application.

Matching colour varnishes allow flexibility of Permanent Colour Gels - simply apply one of our 100 different coloured varnishes over the Colour Gel. This can be removed easily with our specially formulated "Non Acetone Cleanser" and you are back to your Permanent Colour Gel.

The gel soaks off with no damage to the natural nails. Your nails willlast three to four weeks, after which time the new growth with show and you will need an infill or you can soak off and have a fresh set of gels applied.

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