Babor - German beauty product range comes to Cheshire

When Jill Thorburn found a German skincare range which worked for her, she wanted to share it with the rest of Cheshire, as Amanda Griffiths discovered

Jill Thorburn has spent years looking for the right sort of skincare products. Like many women she’s taken advice from beauty counters in department stores and tried 1001 products with no joy. Suffering from bad skin thanks to long term use of steroids for a medical condition, Jill continued the search for a product that would make her skin feel better, not worse, with no joy.

That is until in 2005 she came across a German skincare company, Babor, whose products made that all importance difference to her skin.

‘Babor has been around for 55 years. Their ethos is all about rebalancing the skin naturally,’ says Jill who found the products so effective she asked the company if she could become a distributor for the products in the UK.

That was seven years ago and since then she and partner Joe Beardwood have been supplying UK salons, spas and individuals with Babor products.

Now after three years of intensive research Jill is about to take the next step, opening a beauty treatment room above her head office in Altrincham, where clients can come for specialised treatments that she says deliver results.

While there are spas and salons offering traditional beauty treatments using Babor products, Jill has gone one step further. Skineffect, treats everything from cellulite to stretch marks, mild to moderate acne to puffy eyes and wrinkles.

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Thanks to an Italian machine Eporex, concentrated active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and rutin, are delivered through the outer skin lipid barrier and into the deeper layers of the skin where new cells are forming.

The active ingredients are selected depending on each skin concern and scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect. Combined with Babor skincare, Jill says it delivers outstanding results.

‘The Babor products are topical,’ says Jill. ‘The skin is a natural barrier so to get long-lasting results you have to find a way to penetrate this barrier allowing the ingredients to do their work on a deeper level.’

She says the Eporex machine does this by using an electrical current moved over the skin to cause a disturbance in the skin’s structure. This allows the bigger molecules of these active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

‘It’s pain-free, natural and effective,’ says Jill. ‘And the results are fantastic. Times are changing and we’re seeing ladies who say they don’t want to take the risks of things like botox and fillers and micro-dermabrasion. The Skineffect programme eliminates the risks and the down time for such treatments. People come out of this looking fabulous rather than leaving with faces full of red, angry looking skin.

‘Skineffect is the result of two or three years research but we believe what we have now is the best solution for a number of skin concerns for the face and body,’ she says.

‘It’s all about the results and being honest with people. If we don’t think the treatment will help, we will be honest and tell you so. For example, while it can be effective for mild to moderate acne if you suffer from a severe form we advise you seek medical advice from your doctor.

Skineffect would only help in conjunction with medical treatment.’Treatments cost from �65, with the first consultation which is spent mainly talking to the client about their skin and concerns to make sure the right ingredients are used, being free. Jill advises a course of six treatments, once a week for six weeks for all treatments.

For anti-ageing treatments Jill then recommends a further monthly ‘top-up’ treatment but for concerns like stretch marks or targeted fat, once it is gone the customer will not need any further treatments

‘When I found Babor I was so excited,’ says Jill. ‘Using the products myself, friends have asked if I’ve had work done - there’s been such a visible effect on my skin.’ No wonder she can’t wait to share these treatments with the rest of us.

For more information about Babor products call 0161 926 8814 or

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