6 top beauty treatments from Bespoke Skin Clinic in Loughton

Bespoke Skin Clinic Loughton

As well as enhancing your physical appearance, the clinic also builds your self-confidence - Credit: Bespoke Skin Clinic

Feel in need of a beauty pick-me-up just in time for Christmas? Well look no further than the Bespoke Skin Clinic in Loughton, which is sure to have the perfect treatment for you

1 Name of treatment: HydraFacial Platinum
What its good for: Whether you're looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or pigmentation, or simply looking to improve your skin's texture, HydraFacial does it all.
What the treatment entails: The patented design of the HydraFacial tool that simultaneously extracts impurities and delivers deep hydration using 6 steps:
* Detox
* Cleanse and exfoliate
* Brighten and refresh
* Extraction
* Hydrate
* Stimulate
What the client can expect during the treatment: Fewer fine lines and wrinkles, Improved skin texture, Reduced appearance of hyperpigmentation. 
When they will see results: Clients receive an undeniable glow instantly which is a result of impurities having been removed from their skin
Price: £190

Bespoke Skin Clinic Loughton

The clinic is run by medical practitioners and Level 4 qualified therapists to ensure the highest quality service - Credit: Bespoke Skin Clinic

2 Name of treatment: Bespoke Ultimate Glow
What its good for: To reduce the appearance of pigmentation for smoother and rehydrated, glowing skin. This treatment treats a number of specific skin concerns, such as age spots, malasma, scarring and much more.
What the treatment entails: This treatment combines both dermaplaning and microneedling with measotherapy. A targeted customised cocktail is applied to address enlarged pores, dehydrated and dull skin.
What the client can expect during the treatment: This treatment allows for a controlled stimulation of the skin’s self-repair process by creating precise, micro-injuries in the skin in order to stimulate collagen production. The micro-injuries also create channels that allows the skin to be infused with natural ingredients.
When they will see results: Many clients notice healthier looking skin immediately. However, the natural repair process of your own skin continues to progress over the course of several weeks.
Price: £180

3 Name of treatment: Laser hair removal
What its good for: Laser hair removal is perfect for the individual who is seeking a long-lasting hair reduction solution.
What the treatment entails: The use of laser technology targets and hinders the further growth of hair, treating every skin tone.
What the client can expect during the treatment: The laser machine will be adjusted according to the skin colour, thickness and location of your hair. A pulse of light is administered to the treatment area and assessed to ensure the best settings are used to maximise their results.
When they will see results: Most clients experience up to 80 per cent hair loss after an average of six to eight sessions.
Price: Various packages available 

Bespoke Skin Clinic Loughton

At Bespoke Skin Clinic you'll also find professional and safe treatments for various body conditions too. - Credit: Bespoke Skin Clinic

4 Name of treatment: B12 injections
What its good for: B12 injections can help prevent anemia (a lack of healthy red blood cells), which can make you feel tired and weak.  It is also great for a quick boost of energy. Helps with fatigue, pernicious anemia and B12 deficiencies.
What the treatment entails: The injection delivers vitamin B12 directly into your bloodstream bypassing the stomach and liver, which can delay nutrient absorption and reduce effectiveness of the vitamin in the body. 
What the client can expect during the treatment: Once the nurse practitioner determines you are suitable for the B12 shot by completing a full medical history they will administer the infusion. 
When they will see results: Cients usually report a noticeable difference almost immediately.
Price: £50

5 Name of treatment: IV therapy
What its good for: Delivering nutrients and vitamins directly to the bloodstream means a purer solution is more readily available for your body’s absorption and starts circulating around your body immediately.
What the treatment entails: Our IV vitamin drips are delivered right into the bloodstream for rapid access to vital nutrients, along with medical-grade anti-oxidants
What the client can expect during the treatment: An intravenous catheter will be placed in your arm or hand while medications are infused over a standardized amount of time (40 minutes). You will be monitored throughout the entire infusion period.
When they will see results: Immediately.
Price: Starting from: £160

Bespoke Skin Clinic Loughton

Investing in the very latest FDA-approved technology enables the clinic to deliver measurable results - Credit: Bespoke Skin Clinic

6 Name of treatment: Anti wrinkle injections
What its good for: It is a non-surgical treatment that is injected into the muscles to reduce muscle activity that causes fine lines. With minimal downtime and less than 30 minutes for treatment, you can experience predictable and natural results.
What the treatment entails: This treatment temporarily softens the action of the muscles that cause squinting, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is safe and FDA approved.    
What the client can expect during the treatment: Bocouture is injected into the muscles to soften movement and action to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
When they will see results: Usually within seven days with the maximum effect observed on day 30. Results last up to four months after the treatment.
Price: Starting from £180