Body Sculpture treatment review

Lin Woodhouse visits Body Sculpture in Buxton

My appointment at Body Sculpture was for a Monday morning and, having never experienced anything like it before, I was feeling a certain amount of nervous trepidation! I didn’t really know what to expect but was nevertheless looking forward to it.

Owner Heather Robinson was there to greet me and carefully explained the process. The treatment involves a three-pronged approach — moderate exercise, lymphatic drainage massage and non-invasive fat release using Acoustic Wave Therapy™, which is considered by the Association of Cosmetic Surgeons to be ‘the best, safest and least expensive method of inch-loss’. The results are said to be ‘dramatic, fast and safe’ and within three weeks Heather said I would have: reduced my body mass index (BMI); lost inches (with an average overall inch loss of 26.25 per 10 sessions based on 2012 results); improved my skin texture and appearance; healed stretch marks and thread veins and reduced scarring. There are no gimmicks or false promises, just guaranteed results, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

As a 50+-year-old with three children, my body knew all about stretch marks, cellulite and those ‘bits’ that never seem to go despite any amount of dieting or exercise.

Heather took my measurements, which she would repeat at the end of the treatment, and then it was time to begin. It started with ten minutes on a power plate to exercise all the muscle groups in my body. The sight of my ‘wobbly’ bits was quite strange at first but it felt pleasant and was quite relaxing. The process tones, increases the blood circulation and metabolic rate, and warms the membranes of the fat cells, making them easier to perforate with the acoustic wave.

We then moved on to lymphatic drainage. Acoustic Wave Therapy™ releases fat within the dermis, which then passes to the lymphatic system where it circulates around the body. Heather explained that it was important to drink 2–3 litres of water each day to ensure that the circulating fat is flushed out of the lymphatic system via the kidneys and expelled through urine. The lymphatic massage ensures that the system is not sluggish or blocked and is functioning at its full capacity. This was lovely — a deep, penetrating massage.

Next was the acoustic wave treatment, which is used on the areas you want to reduce. I went for tum, thighs and bum. The sound wave is completely harmless, penetrating the dermis by means of a radial wave which makes fat membranes leak and drain into the lymphatic system. Fat cells decrease and blood capillaries are restored, allowing the fat to drain naturally. Heather explained that once my blood supply is fully restored my body won’t crave sugar hits for energy (thank goodness!) and will use its own resources.

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It was a little prickly at first but wasn’t too uncomfortable. The sound waves increase collagen production by bouncing off the swollen fat cells, so as these reduce in size the sensation lessens.

After this, it was back on the power plate for five minutes to ensure the removed fat passed from my body via the lymphatic system. Heather told me I would probably be very thirsty later — and I was.

The whole experience was wonderful. After three weeks, the stretch marks that had plagued me for years had faded and my new measurements showed I’d lost a remarkable 26½ inches in total. I’d lost a stone in weight and, essentially, the inches had gone from the places I wanted them to. Even more importantly, not only do I look good on the outside, I feel fantastic on the inside!

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