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Dr Martin Kinsella

Dr Martin Kinsella - Credit: Archant

Dr Martin Kinsella is very much in demand as an anti ageing specialist, as Janet Reeder discovers

While he might deny being a jet-set medic, Dr Martin Kinsella has the kind of lifestyle that comes with being the go-to guy for anti-ageing.

When he’s not at his Re Enhance skin and body clinic in Hale, he’ll be in London or Majorca or teaching practitioners in Istanbul. Plus he’s in the business of making people look great as well as feel good about themselves - and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Martin may try to deny it, but he is now so in demand that even when he’s on holiday he always carries a kit to administer emergency Botox or fillers just in case he is summoned by a patient abroad. Crazy though it seems, he gets people demanding his services at a moment’s notice - wherever they may be. But then part of what he’s doing is selling glamour and being asked to whiz over to Ibiza by a patient is par for the course.

And yes, he has rich and famous clients who of course he is not at liberty to talk about, but he never really envisaged the glam side of the business when he first started out. Rather it was the possibilities inherent in aesthetic treatments that interested him most while studying medicine at Sheffield.

He was so inspired that he couldn’t wait to set up his own clinic and early in his medical career started out giving Botox injections to local people in a converted bedroom at his parents’ Altrincham home.

‘It was funny I actually saw the potential of this when I was about 19 years old. I thought it was a market that was going to explode, so I started off doing Botox injections for the people in the area,’ he says.

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‘They’d come to my mum and dad’s house. I was living over in Sheffield and my mum and dad had quite big house in Altrincham so I converted a bedroom, then when I wasn’t on call, I’d come home at the weekends and see people.’

His mum used to make them cups of tea while they waited their turn in the family living room and she still helps out at Re Enhance in Hale although she’s not the only person around from those early days. Many of his original clients still come to see him too.

Hale became the base from which his Re Enhance business grew significantly with treatment rooms tripling in number, the reason says Martin to contain more facilities.

‘You can’t do everything with just one treatment room,’ he explains.

‘And now, I think there are very few clinics with the breadth of treatments we offer under one roof.’

As we make our way through the clinic he lists some of the services available. One room turns out to be a laser room where you can have unwanted hair removed or laser facials that Martin says “treat everything from pigmentation, fine lines the lot”, there’s another kitted out with a high tech air purifying system to ensure it is sterile where they can do Body Jet liposuction, which uses water to free fat cells from the body making it viable for transfer to everything from the lips to the bum. And there’s the dentist surgery - Martin is also qualified as a dentist, although admits he doesn’t do that so much anymore.

His new passion is age management techniques that are mega in the States and could quite conceivably be huge over here in a few years.

‘I went down to London to a big conference and met a specialist from Florida who had his own age management clinic,’ explains Martin.

‘His clients were all on cocktails of hormones and vitamins. They are an ageing population, they’re wealthy and they don’t want to sacrifice their quality of life and I found there is so much research being done on that now.

‘Generally speaking I think our culture we wait for people to get ill and then treat them. We don’t ask why is this person healthy. It always comes down to hormones because your hormones are your body’s biggest natural chemicals the body makes to cause a reaction - and a lot of the drugs we actually give are there to mimic the actions of the various hormones in the body. The problem is go to the doctor they say you’re within normal limits. What we are doing is optimising people’s health.’

Re Enhance clinic can be found at 17 Cecile Road Hale WA15 9NZ

0161 941 3212


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