Dr Raj Acquilla - anti-ageing specialist to open centre of excellence in Alderley Edge

Dr Raj Acquilla receives his award

Dr Raj Acquilla receives his award - Credit: Archant

Dr Raj Acquilla is the superstar anti-ageing specialist you have probably never heard of.

Dr Raj Acquilla patient results

Dr Raj Acquilla patient results - Credit: Archant

The Cheshire-based cosmetic doctor rarely advertises, has no products to promote and yet he is recognised as one of the leading figures in the world of facial aesthetics.

Dr Acquilla recently won the prestigious accolade of Aesthetic Medical Practitioner of the Year at the UK Aesthetic Awards 2015 but has long been recognised as the UK’s expert on injectable anti-ageing. Last year he travelled to over 30 countries over six continents to teach doctors around the world.

After 14 years in the speciality, he has just launched a new clinic in London’s Mayfair and is about to embark on a new project to create a world centre of excellence here in Cheshire.

The former Manchester University graduate, over a 16 year medical career has steadily built up a reputation as the ‘go to’ expert for cosmetic dermatology and has busy private clinics in Cheshire, London and Ibiza but the new centre will provide clients with the most advanced and effective anti-ageing treatments on the market.

Among his credentials are roles as UK Ambassador and Global Key Opinion Leader for Allergan Facial Aesthetics, Scientific Committee for AMWC Global, Board Member of IMCAS Worldwide, Regional Chair of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Faculty Member of The European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery and he was recently awarded an honorary fellowship to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne.

In 2014 he was listed as one of Tatler’s finest cosmetic doctors in the UK and Best for Fillers by Harpers Bazaar 2015 and 2016.

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But what tends to win him a devoted clientele and a three-month waiting list is word-of-mouth recommendations.

‘In an industry which is still unregulated in the UK, people are used to seeing bad work, so that even if they want treatment they really don’t know where to go,’ he says.

‘There was a huge consumer survey done recently that showed those actively seeking injectables took an average of ten years from noticing that first wrinkle before they dared make the call to a clinic. This is all because they feared negative and unnatural results they are exposed to every day.

‘This huge piece of research revealed that all the patient wanted was something subtle, elegant, discreet, never to be detected. Never for a mother to ask her daughter “what have you done to your face’ or a friend to say ‘you’ve had Botox”. It is always the good results that go unnoticed but are often complimented on looking fresh, well and rested.

Rare but attainable. Dr Acquilla provides a kind of ‘couture for the face’ that aims to produce the best possible outcome for the patient, whether they are a housewife in Cheshire, royalty or a Hollywood actress he’s seeing at his clinics in Mayfair and Cheshire.

‘It is couture because every face is different. There has to be a bespoke treatment plan to get the best results, ‘ explains Dr Acquilla who came to aesthetic medicine ‘by accident’ after treating patients with scars following surgery for facial skin cancer.

‘This was in the primitive days of collagen and chemical peels used to improve facial scars and it really just evolved from there,’ he said.

‘I had no idea it would turn into such a huge industry but I guess the commercial growth and those motivated by money made it what it has become today’

More than 25,000 procedures later, his passion for his work shows little sign of abating. It’s partly because the advances being made in the industry make it an exciting area in which to work.

‘The latest advances will probably come from technology - whether that is digital, energy based or bio-technology remains to be seen,’ he predicts.

‘It’s only a matter of time before an anti-ageing molecule, drug or product is developed. I can see that happening in the next decade.’

‘It is one of the questions people ask. Why I do it,’ he continues.

‘I work 14 hours and see up to 28 patients a day but I think if you love what you’re doing it’s not a job. It’s a passion. I’m like the guy who opens a restaurant and doesn’t mind the long hours. he just loves cooking. I really don’t care about the money or the success, I just love the balance of science, art and beauty that is my work.’

‘I guess I just love delighting people. People come to me and feel a lot of guilt about having stuff done so I ask them about their motivation. They often admit that things about their appearance get them down and they want to look like the best version of themselves. This isn’t necessarily ‘anti-ageing’ but ‘ageing well’ and looking fresh, healthy and happy gives them positive self-esteem and confidence.

‘It’s very flattering to have all these accolades within my profession but for me it’s all about offering a purely results orientated approach to my patients and making them happy. At the end of the day if you truly love your work, you never really work a day in your life. I count myself very lucky in that respect. w

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