Can foot reading help you learn more about yourself?

Jane and one of her novels 'Let's Read Our Feet'

Jane and one of her novels 'Let's Read Our Feet' - Credit: Archant

It’s time to let the feet do the talking as we speak to celebrity foot reader in Scarisbrick

Foot reader, Jane Sheehan

Foot reader, Jane Sheehan - Credit: Archant

Observant, hard-working and eager to help. These are three things Jane Sheehan, foot reader to the stars, revealed about me during our consultation.

She reached this conclusion after I described three physical attributes of my own feet. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Jane spotted my virtues. Editor, please note!

Whenever she is met with scepticism, she promptly asks for three physical attributes about your feet and instantly reveals things you wouldn’t expect her to know about you.

Foot reading is, in its simplest form, reading emotions and personality through a person’s feet. However, for Jane, that is just the basic understanding for what it is she does. There is, she believes, so much more to it.

Jane Sheehan in session

Jane Sheehan in session - Credit: Archant

Jane, who moved to Scarisbrick from Buckinghamshire, never thought that she’d be reading feet for a living. ‘This was definitely a career that chose me. I remember the first time I ever had a reflexology treatment. It was my friend Claudine’s birthday. She’d asked for reflexology and I thought it was a beauty treatment,’ she said.

‘I booked us both in and was I amazed at the emotional reactions that we had to it. And from that, I was hooked. I began to study reflexology in the evenings and at the weekends, looking at the different therapies you could do and how it can help each person.

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‘I previously worked in engineering, but in 2000 something had to give and so I pursued reflexology full-time.’

It was a good decision as Jane is now known as foot reader with a celebrity following. As well as having appeared on TV shows such as Loose Women and This Morning, her foot reading abilities have also taken her all over the world. Its fame is spreading but why are people so intrigued by the concept?

‘I think everyone loves to hear things about themselves,’ Jane says. ‘Even for those who are sceptical have an innate curiosity about it.

‘After a small demonstration, where I ask about three things, that instantly builds rapport which then allows the person to become more open.

‘When I’m reading a person’s feet, I look at everything. From the way they walk, which helps give indicators on who they are as a person and even their health, to the shape of the foot.

‘I then start from the top as that’s usually what people are willing to share and work my way down to the bottom of the foot as that’s usually where the secrets are kept.

‘When they begin to open up to me, it’s very similar to a therapy session. We discuss problems they may be facing, I listen and offer gentle positive suggestions.’

Jane doesn’t let preconceived opinions cloud her readings and this is evident when she reads a celebrity’s feet and isn’t told who they are.

‘I remember being sent images of Paris Hilton’s feet, though I didn’t know whose they were at first. Everyone has a preconceived notion about the type of person she is but when I read her feet and I noticed that she had attributes that revealed she was an intelligent person and she is as we see from her successful businesses ventures.

‘Similar with Martina Navratilova. I expected, as tennis player, she would have an athletic foot, hard-working and active but what I saw was that she had a creative spirit and found out she did actually enjoy painting and being in touch with her artistic side.’

Now Jane is bringing all her talent and knowledge to Scarisbrick as she opens a new school in the Village Hall and will be teaching courses recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.

For more information see her website

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