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How to let your hair down without your hair letting you down. Jo Haywood talks stress-free tresses

This season it’s all about gently layered cuts with natural movement and a much softer focus. You should still feel free to use a finishing serum or a glossing spray if your hair lacks natural shine, but don’t be tempted to overload your hair with products.

One of the best ways to add movement to your hair is with soft, longer layers undercut with tonal, seasonal colours.

‘A good colour enhances your hair rather than masking it and allows its natural beauty to shine through,’ said Peter Dawson, Vidal Sassoon’s European colour director. ‘Your colour should be applied in a precise, balanced way that defines the shape of your haircut and brings out your best features.’

Stylist to the stars Paul Labrecque agreed that a good colour was crucial, and added the following top tips for perfect party hair.

TOP TIPS• Sexy hair moves! Keep it moving and you’ll get noticed.• Less is more when it comes to styling products. Too much can weigh hair down and dry it out, making it look unhealthy.• Never apply direct heat to hair. Always protect your hair from heat styling with a quality styling gel or spray that creates a barrier against damaging heat.• Condition, condition, condition! Overstressed and over-styled party hair needs careful attention, so use a quality conditioner on a regular basis.• Invest in your hair. A good stylist or colourist will know what best suits your face shape, style and skin tone. At home colour treatments, perms and relaxers are a pocket-friendly alternative, but can be risky.• A healthy diet and lots of water – a minimum of one litre a day – will help keep your hair in tip top shape. A diet full of vegetables and foods rich in vitamin A, B and E and good fat (olive oil and avocado) are recommended.

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