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When the sun is shining there's much to be done if you want to be seen at your best, says Penny Oldham

Top class style - This is the time of year when we often feel like a new look, and hair and beauty students from the University of Derby’s Buxton campus recently showcased some of the latest looks for both hair and makeup to a full house of beauty industry professionals, family and friends. While some of the creations might have been a little avant garde, with styles entitled ‘Antique Doll’ and ‘Gothic Masquerade’, including complementary makeup, their sheer inventiveness and skill were certainly cause for more earthbound inspiration.

Hair rescue - Hair removal using IPL (intense pulsed light) has been around for a while but until now has performed best on dark-pigmented hairs. Skin care specialist nurse Karen Burgess of Skin Solutions in the High Peak is now able to permanently reduce blonde and grey hair, following recent technological advances – a boon to ladies whose unwanted hair is also grey. A full range of aesthetic treatments are available too.

Tel: 01298 808236

Smile please – it’s summer! - Happy summer smiles in a lightly glowing face draw attention to the mouth and teeth, but those with dentures might not welcome closer scrutiny. Regimented rows of unnaturally even teeth that shout ‘false’ aren’t the only option, though. Clinical dental technician Roderick Patterson of Sunshine Denture can produce cosmetic dentures in a vast range of shapes and shades, either to replicate or improve on the original teeth. So you can smile this summer with the confidence of knowing that no-one will guess your secret.

Sunshine Denture, 20 College St, Long Eaton. Tel: 0115 973 3591

Time to tone - Sleeveless tops, shorter skirts, lighter fabrics and last year’s summer wardrobe feeling a little snug may all have a tale to tell this summer. Loss of muscle tone and the effects of a long and tedious winter on your waistline might lead you to consider some remedial work. The Healthy Living Centre in Chesterfield has just the thing. Its eight week ‘Shape Up for Summer’ course includes access to gym, studio classes, pool and a great health spa full of relaxing treats. The package also includes two sessions with a personal trainer and a stress-releasing massage – too good an offer to miss!

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The Healthy Living Centre, Barlow Rd, Staveley, Chesterfield S43 3XR. Tel: 01246 345668

Glow safely - There can be few who haven’t heard of the negative effects of overdoing the sunbathing. Although, confusingly we do need sunlight for the production of vitamin D, the only safe way to achieve an even golden tan is by visiting a spray tan booth. Sami Black, director of Eye Candy in Derby’s Queen Street, explains that products are better than ever, with very natural results. She uses ‘Sienna X’, which has no hint of fake tan smell. The product is applied by a skilled and experienced technician who considers skin tone when selecting the colour intensity and is careful to set a fine mist for the most even result, which also means you can get dressed immediately.

One gentle way - Although a perfect beach body is the ultimate goal during the summer, warnings have been issued of the risks caused by desperate crash diets and exercise regimes. Peter Beard, of Leeds-based SkinGenesis, a nonsurgical cosmetic clinic, urges caution in the search for slenderness and suggests a gentle approach to weight loss and toning. Said Peter: ‘Sudden bursts of intensive exercise can be a shock to the body.’ His top tips for safe slimming are:

�— eat breakfast

�— build up exercise regimes gradually

�— don’t resort to the knife

�— eat in moderation

�— be disciplined.

So an (almost) perfect beach body is in reach – it’s all up to you.

An age-old problem - It’s a sad fact that the side effects of a lifetime of sun exposure combined with the natural ageing process become more noticeable after the menopause. Reduced levels of oestrogen and collagen at that time lead to more wrinkles than laughter lines and the skin loses radiance and elasticity. Now heritage skincare brand Yin Yang has developed Skin Renew, an all-natural botanical and mineral rich cream to reduct the impact of ageing using zinc-PCA and organic soya-derived isoflavones. The chemistry is complex, but the bottom line is that evidence shows that both elements have positive benefits for older skin, while its more fragrant ingredients, including orange oil, geranium oil, essential oil of carrot seed and apple cider vinegar each have their own beneficial effect too. From Holland & Barrett at �15.

… and another - The Lounge Health and Beauty in Ashbourne has a different take on firming and toning. Top brand Decleor has launched cutting edge slimming technology with its new Slim Effects range, which helps eliminate water retention, boosts circulation and targets cellulite – which effects 90 per cent of women. The treatment is now available so call tel: 01335 344588 to begin.

Magnetic attraction - �16.99 A new hairbrush has tapped into the ancient Chinese belief that magnets can substantially improve the hair’s growth and condition. Order from

Hands up for summer! - There’s nothing like a zingy pink or a burnished copper – even a pillarbox red – to enhance nails when the sun shines. Modest shell colours just don’t cut it. With a rainbow of exotic colours available it seems a shame to use them on hands and nails that are uncared for. To strengthen weak and brittle nails Nail Science complex, which contains biotin, calcium, the B vitamins, minerals, horsetail [a herb rich in silicilic acid and silicates] and vitamin E, can help. Available from spas, salons, clinics and health food stockists the capsules cost �19.95 for a jar of 60. Once you’ve acquired strong shapely nails, protect hands from age spots caused by sun damage with a dedicated hand cream to soften and hydrate. Produced by local health and beauty specialists, Weleda, Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream not only smells delicious (a bit like Pimms!), but is effective too.

Sleep cool, sleep easy - With hot and steamy nights causing some tossing and turning in bed, the importance of good quality sleep comes to the fore. Fatigue etches its effects on the face as well as being felt in the body so when it’s hot try a ‘cool technology’ pillow. Instead of constantly flipping over your pillow to find a fresher surface the ‘Cool Pad’ pillow topper is a slim, cushioned pad that sits on top of your existing pillow and absorbs heat from the body before releasing it into the air. It also soothes headaches, calms hot flushes and sunburn and eases muscular aches and pains. The Cool Pad is an affordable �29.99 from

The scent of summer - To finish off your newly minted summer look a spritz of scent is essential. Nina Ricci’s new fragrance, Ricci Ricci, is a fresh and sensual floral based around the mirabilis flower. The fragrance is easy-to-wear, extremely feminine and ‘designed for an optimistic and self-confident woman’. If that sounds like you – or how you’d like to be – it costs �38 for 50ml.

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