Health & Beauty: Hair & Make-up for your wedding day

You've chosen the dress, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the cake - and of course the groom - and now the great day has dawned. With such a lot of time and effort going into making sure that everything is perfect, the right make-up and hairdo ...

HairOn the most romantic day of your life, your funky weekday style may not sit comfortably with the feminine look you've chosen for your dress and accessories - or perhaps you simply want a slightly dressy feel to complement your more formal clothes. A good way to achieve this is with some soft waves and curls, easily created on long or medium length hair which can then be left loose and girly or put up for a more sophisticated look. If you're wearing a veil, especially a full veil that will cover the sides of the head, try to choose a hairdo that doesn't fight with its filmy fabric - neither hair nor veil will be seen to the best advantage. A wide range of exquisite tiaras and headdresses are available now (those pictured are by Lori G of Allestree and Serendipity at Littleover), using crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones with various shades of metals, some also with co-ordinating jewellery. A good tip if you're wearing your hair up is not to wash it on the morning of the wedding - freshly washed hair is floppy, slippery and more difficult to style. Make-upAlthough you might be able to apply your make-up each day with your eyes shut, emotion and a trembling hand might make you consider a professional maquillage. As with hair, the aim should be not for a radical and unfamiliar new face, rather a smoother, more defined version of your usual self. Apply subtle shades to the eyes, greys, taupes and sludgy purples to suit your colouring - and remember to use a waterproof mascara. Another good tip is to apply your eye make-up before your foundation, so that any dark smudges can be whisked away. Even if you're used to slapping on make-up base with your fingertips, invest in a special brush and some wedge-shaped cosmetic sponges slightly dampened for thorough blending. A large brush is essential for adding a maidenly glow, before translucent lip colour is applied with yet another brush. Remember, some of your most precious memories will be captured on camera - you don't want future generations to wonder why granny had no lips.

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