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Love the sun, but take care of your skin

Love the sun, but take care of your skin - Credit: Archant

The Radio 2 holistic ealth expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments and therapies in the county

Lovely summertime sunshine – don’t forget the sunscreen, but ditch the harmful chemicals.

I’ve been banging on for years about this, but a recent study by the Centre of Advanced European Studies and Research and Copenhagen University Hospital has now directly linked common household chemicals in suncreams, soaps, toothpaste and detergents with damage to human sperm. Scientists said the ‘ubiquitous’ chemicals may be contributing to widespread fertility problems and other health issues after testing 100 everyday chemicals and finding a third affected sperm.

‘It’s summer’ – I hear you cry – ‘so what do i use?’ In the words of Baz Lurhmann (old-school reference there), ‘Don’t forget your sunscreen’ – but DO make it a natural one. Look at Green People products in Herts health stores and online. For soaps, check out the excellent probiotic products at


For cleaning your home and workspace bring on Herts-based company 4R Office (, which supplies businesses as well as individuals and prides itself on sustainability and ethics. They have a range of cleaning products that are EU Ecolabel accredited, derived from sustainable, plant-based resources, so they have a reduced impact on aquatic life. Their eco range also extends from fairtrade coffee to recycled boxes and everything in between.

You could save cash and tick the eco box at home and at work. And they do say a spot of housework is easily superior to a gym workout. Rubber gloves, here I come!

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After all that cleaning, you’ll need a spruce up yourself. Just over the border in Bedfordshire is the base of awesome natural skincare and beauty company, Sante cosmetics (, which does a huge range of products, including luscious lip glosses, moisturisers and even nail polish. Cameron Diaz hit the headline recently saying she didn’t wear anti-perspirant – quite right – opt for a natural deodorant such as the Crystal Deo Stick. Oh, and they stock natural toothpaste too. Dental Medical Myrrh toothpaste is my favourite, yes that’s myrrh as in wise men – be wise and ditch the chemicals!

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