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Janey Lee Grace

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The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments and therapies in the county


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I love being in sandals and flip flops through the summer months, and before I squeeze my toes back into shoes in the autumn, I can’t recommend highly enough having a treatment on your feet. A foot massage is good but even better is a session of reflexology with Miriam Kimche (, based in Hemel Hempstead. Reflexology is a powerful therapy that uses massage of the reflex points on the hands and feet to stimulate the body’s natural healing energies.

It can benefit many common physical complaints as well as combat the emotional and physical pressures of today’s busy and stressful lifestyles. The therapy has ancient roots as a healing method, and aims to treat the individual holistically, incorporating the body, mind and spirit, therby working the whole person with the objective of inducing a state of balance and harmony. It is also extremely relaxing and allows you time to centre yourself and leaves you calm yet energised.


Moving up from the feet, if you’re unlucky enough to be suffering from any minor injuries around the ankle, look no further than the Healing Bamboo Ankle Support. It contains charcoal made from sustainable Asian bamboo, which reacts with body heat to naturally emit infrared rays and negative ions, which can improve blood flow to ease discomfort. And it can be re-charged in the sun. Available at Welwyn Health Foods.


Just over the border in Essex, ethical and sustainable company b2beauty is doing its bit for bees.

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The company ( has an amazing range of high-performance yet completely natural skincare products, which carry its black bee logo. ‘Black bee?’ I hear you say. Well, it seems the stripey yellow and black bees we are familiar with are not our native species. The British native bee is, believe it or not, a black honey bee. Unfortunately, the native black bee is in decline, but the people at b2 are doing their best to help the population by introducing colonies.

In any case, the skincare is awesome. I’m trying a completely natural product called Pro Natural Wrinkle Fill – I could look 10 years younger – watch this space!

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