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Organic pollen barriers are an alternative to anti-histamine

Organic pollen barriers are an alternative to anti-histamine - Credit: Archant

The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and foods in the county

If you are about to sneeze right now it’s possibly hay fever or another allergic reaction to the microscopic stuff we inhale. Instead of resorting to medication however, consider reducing your exposure to pollen. When driving, keep car windows closed, and keep bedroom windows shut at night. It sounds obvious, but shower and wash your hair. And if you have pets, brush them down outside as they may have collected pollens in their hair on walks.

There is a sensitivity level above which sufferers will get an allergic reaction, triggering the release of histamines - resulting in the sneezing, runny nose, sore eyes and other nasty symptoms of hay fever - hence why anti-histamines are recommended, but unfortunately these can make us drowsy.

It’s definitely worth trying Haymax - an organic pollen barrier balm - as an alternative. When invisibly applied to the nose it’s proven to trap over a third of the pollen entering the body, as well as dust and pet allergens. Best of all, its totally drug-free. You can find Haymax in Boots, online and in Herts health stores.

One bit of good news for hay fever sufferers, at least we can drown our sorrows with a drink - red wine is thought to be high in the natural antihistamine quercetin (and the kids can have red grapes).

Biodynamic Dallings

Talking of our favourite tipples, it never fails to amaze me that wine bottles don’t have to state ingredients. An alternative is to source biodynamic and organic wine from someone who knows their grapes. It’s hard to beat the wine merchant at Dallings and Co on Kings Langley High Street, who have the lovely Spanish Tarima and the Califonia L de Lyeth organic wines. Dallings offers wine tastings too, and tapas nights – hay fever or not – it’s worth a visit!

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