Health & Beauty: Three ways to boost your fitness in Derbyshire

There's more than one way to boost your fitness. Penny Oldham looks at three of them ...

A sideways look…                                                                                                 The new ‘Helix’ is a recent and most effective addition to the range of home exercise kit available, and is exclusively stocked in the UK by Ray Needham. His shop, Fitness Options, offers a body-boggling selection of gym equipment, from resistance tubes which add strength to your aerobic workout programme at �9.95, to the Rolls-Royce of multi gyms, the Nautilus NS4000 at a tad under �7,000. The Helix, rather a snip at less than �900, is designed to work laterally, exercising the body from side to side. Easy to move and store, the Helix would fit into a comparatively small space in the home and targets every muscle group from the ribcage downwards, particularly the outer and inner thighs and gluteus maximus, or bottom muscles. It’s easy to use, from the first tentative step aboard, and the pace can be increased or decreased according to ability, fitness and desire, providing an aerobic workout as well as toning the body. Skiers, skaters and snow boarders, who use lateral movements for turning and balance, will find the Helix very effective for pre-season conditioning and it’s invaluable too for safe rehabilitation where there is muscle weakness after illness. A computerised screen delivers relevant information including pulse rate and calories burned, so you can easily tell when you’ve worked off that Mars bar.

Fitness Options, Eaton Court, High Street, Long Eaton, Notts NG10 1LP. Tel: 0115 973 6444

The luxury track                                                                                                     More state-of-the-art equipment can be found at E3, a new health club and wellness centre in Burton-on-Trent. With limited membership numbers to ensure exclusivity, E3 is something a little different. Opulent surroundings give the feel of a VIP club for like-minded folk, and there is internet and wi-fi access as well as a great social vibe. E3 is the brainchild of Jason Stennett and Ian Barthorpe. Jason, apersonal trainer at the club, offers three timely tips for a healthier new year and a more toned body:

�— Drink plenty of water to promote fat loss and to prevent dehydration and the afternoon energy dip. It helps skin hydration, too, leading to a younger looking complexion

�— Eat breakfast! It doesn’t have to be a complicated meal, but going without leads the body to store fat rather than to lose it. Energy levels will be increased and it becomes easier to keep active – burning off more calories

�— Exercise! It reduces stress levels, promotes positivity and increases energy – and the stimulation of certain brain chemicals makes you feel happier. It helps the fight against many major diseases, improves confidence and self-esteem and helps manage your weight. As Jason himself says: ‘Staying fit – it’s a no-brainer!’

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Join Jason for a personal fitness appraisal at E3, The Maltsters, Wetmore Rd, Burton-on-Trent DE14 1LS. Tel: 01283 792791.

One-to-one                                                                                                            Some people prefer to exercise at home, some like the social aspect of the club setting. There are also those who need one-to-one encouragement and guidance, not to mention a bespoke programme to cater for their precise needs. If that sounds like you, hasten to Bottom Line Fitness. Neil Stanley, an approachable and experienced personal trainer, set up his business to cater for those who flourish when receiving feedback and instruction as they exercise. An initial informal consultation to define the client’s goals, favourite – and least favourite – type of exercise, and any possible health issues is followed up with tailored plans, which, Neil believes, should above all be fun. The final part is for the client to choose the programme that suits best. Each session lasts an hour and can be adapted to life events, such as pregnancy or recovery from surgery. If training with a friend motivates you, benefit from ‘mates rates’, a discount available for those who enjoy a more sociable way of training, or enrol for a set period for a similarly advantageous rate. The first – and currently only – personal training studio in Derby, with skilled, industry-regulated trainers and free car parking, Bottom Line should be top of your list for the New Year.

Bottom Line Fitness, Unit 7 & 8, Kedleston House, Prime Business Centre, Raynesway, Derby DE21 7SG. Tel: 01332 664836.                                     Or visit

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