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A Chester business is at the forefront of pioneering medical technology

Chester businessman Tim Savidge is at the helm of a new company providing a pioneering vascular screening service.

Joining forces with Anna Hughes, who lost her sister to a heart attack and had her own brush with cardiovascular illness, the business, Young@Heart aims to help people by early detection and prevention.

Operating from local clinics, Young@Heart offers an innovative service using a wrist sensor to pick up arterial pulse waves. This provides a measurement used to assess the ‘age’ of the arteries. Pulse wave technology was recently featured on BBC Breakfast and Radio 4 as a way to measure blood pressure as it leaves the heart (CASP) rather than the traditional test on the arm (known as the brachial pressure).

Jane Bills, Owner of the Chester Wellness Centre, said: ‘Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer across the world with more than 8.5 million people registered as having high blood pressure. This service is very important and we’re pleased to be one of the first to offer this service in the area.’

Gradual stiffening of arteries is a natural part of the ageing process. However, lifestyles, level of activity, diet and hereditary factors all have an effect on how quickly this happens. A higher than average reading is a good indicator for cardiovascular disease and reduced life expectancy.

Tim Savidge, of Young@Heart, said: ‘This test is great for people who may not show outward signs of cardiovascular disease but may later develop problems. Those who have a family history of heart attack or stroke are at greatest risk. Identifying a health problem before it becomes serious is vital.

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Many clients have far higher readings than expected. This has been helpful in allowing people to consider their options. We do not aim to diagnose but rather to measure and identify risk. In doing so, we hope to work alongside a client’s GP and cardiologist.’

Anna Hughes said: ‘I cannot know for certain this screening would have saved my sister’s life but I’m convinced it could save others.’

Young@Heart operates three clinics in Cheshire: at the Chester Wellness Centre the Zenchi Clinic in Tarporley and Natural Practices in Wilmslow.

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