How a personal trainer helped a Cheshire woman drop two dress sizes

Anne Dell from Cheshire turned a personal trainer to help her lose weight

I can fit into jeans I last wore 9 years ago!!!

My fitness regime had been non-existent for many years. I found it difficult to find time for myself due to looking after a young family and working. Having tried numerous diets with no success, my weight kept increasing. I was very unhappy and I noticed that I was always very tired.

I decided to find a suitable exercise class but they didn't fit in with my hectic lifestyle, I decided enough was enough - I needed help to lose weight and get myself back in shape so I thought about using a personal trainer.

I contacted a personal trainer based in Cheadle Hulme for help.  John, my trainer devised my own training programme taking into account my fitness level and areas I wanted to work on.

Initially I started to walk, jog and then run to alternative lamp-posts followed by some  some floor toning exercises - it was really hard at first. I felt so unfit but my trainer kept me focused and kept me going - slowly my distance between lamp-posts increased. Within a few weeks my fitness was improving. I noticed how much I was looking forward to/enjoying the one to one sessions and how positive I had begun to think about the exercise programme.

My trainer has kept me motivated and has encouraged me - I was determined to increase my fitness and decided to push myself to extend my training by making sure I ran every day. I also bought my own fitness equipment. I look forward to running and I now make it a priority that I find time for myself. I enjoy going out - a chance to escape from the stresses of the modern world. I really enjoy the buzz from running.

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My family and friends started to make comments on my appearance. Not only have I lost weight and noticed that my figure is a lot more toned, I also have a lot more energy, feel calmer and happier in myself.

I would strongly recommend using a personal trainer - my trainer has been a positive influence and has pushed me in the right direction. I have finally found something that I enjoy - my trainer has invested a lot of his time which has led me to gaining the confidence that I can succeed.

Without using a personal trainer, I would still be neglecting myself, stuck in a vicious circle, I now have a different outlook - something has finally clicked in my mind. I now will not go back to my old ways. I currently have lost two and a half stone in weight, 2 dress sizes and can now fit back into my jeans which I last wore nine years ago!!

This is the start of a journey towards a whole new me.

Anne Dell

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