Top tips for golfers: how hip and knee treatment can help you get back in the game

Private keyhole knee surgery and joint replacement treatment from Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

Patients often can return to playing sports and enjoying long walks within three weeks of keyhole surgery and within eight weeks of hip or knee replacement surgery. - Credit: Getty Images

Could hip and knee pain be throwing you off your golf game?

Chris Brew, consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon from The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group, reveals what to look out for, and shares how hip and knee surgery can get you back on the golf course in no time.

Working alongside specialist consultants James Hahnel and Richard Grogan at The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley, Nuffield Health Hospital and Spire Roundhay in Leeds, they can provide the dedicated, one-to-one care you need to lead the active lifestyle you want.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeons in Yorkshire Richard Grogan, Chris Brew and James Hahnel

Consultant orthopaedic surgeons Chris Brew, James Hahnel and Richard Grogan. - Credit: Jim Fitton Photography

Q: How can I tell if I need hip or knee surgery?

Experiencing these symptoms can be a sign of a hip or knee problem: 

  • Pain felt in the groin, buttock and sometimes in the knee when playing golf
  • Pain in the knee, clicking or locking, especially when climbing in and out of bunkers or walking on uneven ground  
  • Struggling to walk around the course or be on your feet for long periods
  • Difficulty reaching to put on golf shoes because of pain and stiffness in your hip or knee
  • Pain in the hip or knee when swinging or carrying clubs
  • Having to drive a buggy instead of enjoying walking the course

  • Hip or knee pain can also disturb sleep, affecting your performance and enjoyment of the game

Each of these issues could represent anything from a minor soft tissue strain which is likely to improve with time and possibly physiotherapy, to more significant problems such as a cartilage tear or arthritis (wear and tear) within the joint. It’s important to seek professional medical advice as soon as possible, to rule out serious injury and get the best possible treatment.

Q: What’s the best hip and knee treatment to alleviate pain?

If your hip and knee pain is chronic and consistent and you have signs of significant arthritis, then hip or knee replacement surgery is the best resolution to ease your pain. We offer total, partial and revision hip and knee replacements. We also offer arthroscopic keyhole surgery that can diagnose and treat certain knee conditions such as a torn meniscal cartilage (shock absorber) relatively quickly, which is a common cause of localized knee pain. 

Private hip and knee healthcare from The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group in Bradford and Leeds

Opting for private healthcare means you'll receive treatment quickly, dedicated one-to-one professional support, and an improved overall experience. - Credit: Getty Images

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We’ll take time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, assess your condition and establish your bespoke treatment plan. Surgery can be self-funded, with a range of all-inclusive payment plans available as well as the option to use health insurance. 

Q: How long after hip or knee surgery will I be able to play golf again?

This depends entirely on your fitness level and health. Recovery times can vary, though often patients can begin playing sports, going on long walks and riding their bikes within three weeks of keyhole surgery, and on average within eight weeks of joint replacement surgery.

Q: Why choose the Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group?

We offer a unique service within private healthcare. By working collaboratively, we’re able to share best practices, techniques and knowledge to ensure every patient receives only the highest quality care.

Hip and knee replacement surgery from The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group in Bradford and Leeds

The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group work collaboratively as a group across multiple private hospitals. - Credit: The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

As we provide our services across three clinics, it’s quick and easy for you to arrange an appointment. Patients on the NHS are currently waiting up to two years for knee and hip operations, preventing them from receiving the healthcare they need.

When booking an appointment with us, you won’t need a referral from your GP and can book your initial consultation, receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within days of calling. You will have your operation within weeks of first making contact.

We’re passionate about improving our patient’s quality of life, and dedicated to helping them make the most of every moment. Our success is reflected in our excellent results, as supported by the National Joint Registry and the testimonies of our previous patients. Myself, Richard and James are all highly specialised orthopaedic surgeons with a proven track record of delivering the best outcomes for our patients.

No matter if you’re visiting us at The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley or in Leeds at Nuffield Health Hospital or Spire Roundhay, we can provide the quality of care and treatment you deserve, to ensure your next visit to the fairway results in a hole-in-one.

For more information, visit Call Leeds Nuffield Health Clinic on 0113 213 6804 or contact The Yorkshire Clinic on 01274 352014.