Treating arthritis: Why MBST therapy is a fantastic option to improve your quality of life

Chiropractor Rob Grace speaking with client on MBST machine at Encompass Health, Cheltenham

MBST therapy encourages cell regeneration and repair in areas of the body affected by arthritis. - Credit: Encompass Health

The cutting-edge treatment MBST, which uses magnetic resonance therapy (MRT), helps to restore the health of your arthritic joints and live a highly fulfilling life. 

“Utilising the same technology as MRI scanners, German scientists discovered that by targeting specific cells at certain frequencies, we can stimulate cell regeneration and repair,” explains Rob Grace, owner of Encompass Health in Cheltenham. 

“By programming a specific prescription into the device, we can target cartilage, muscle and bone cells - aiming to preserve joint health and reverse degeneration."

We speak to Rob about the benefits of MBST treatment and how its helping people lead the active and fulfilling lives they desire. 

Man suffering from knee pain sitting sofa. A mature man massaging his painful knee. Man suffering fr

Osteoarthritis is the most common knee ailment and causes major discomfort within the joints. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

1) MBST therapy is a simple process to follow  

From assessment and diagnosis, to carrying out the treatment, the process of healing your injuries or arthritic conditions is streamlined and simple. It starts with an initial phone call to answer questions and help you understand more about MBST, and how it might help you. This is followed by an assessment consultation with Rob.

“I will ask questions about your medical history and examine the affected joint to determine the cause of injury or discomfort,” says Rob. “Depending on your condition, you may then be referred for an X-Ray or MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis, or the degree of degeneration. At this stage, we can discuss the treatment in greater depth and confirm that MBST is the right course of action. 

"For arthritic joints and spinal disc conditions, nine consecutive MBST sessions are recommended, each lasting for one hour. The treatment itself is very relaxing. Unlike an MRI scanner, which is noisy and in which you must stay still for the duration of the scan, MBST is silent and you can freely move around.

“Many people listen to music, audiobooks or bring a duvet and catch up on sleep," adds Rob. "Having been on the machine myself, I can personally account for how comfortable it is!

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"In terms of aftercare, we can advise specific exercises to speed up the rate of repair. It’s very personalised and dependent on the circumstances of each individual.” 

2) A completely non-invasive procedure  

Being a fully non-invasive, pain-free treatment makes MBST therapy a fantastic alternative to medication and surgery. The fact that there are no known side effects makes it even more appealing. 

“It's the only medical treatment for osteoarthritis, cartilage degeneration and soft tissue damage that can stimulate a repair response in this way,” Rob explains.  

“Undergoing surgery can be distressing, especially when focused on areas such as the spine, hips and knees. There’s often a lot of paperwork that needs to be signed in the event that something goes wrong, and even medication can have quite severe side effects. MBST therapy gives people genuine peace of mind and allays any concerns about post-treatment issues.” 

Elderly woman holding lower back in back pain at Encompass Health, Cheltenham

MBST is a completely non-invasive and pain-free alternative to medication and surgery, with no known side effects. - Credit: Shutterstock

3) Effective treatment for a range of conditions  

By treating the body at a cellular level, MBST therapy is a very reliable treatment for a wide range of ailments including: 

  • Osteoarthritis – a musculoskeletal disease and the most common joint ailment in the world. The wearing down of the protective cartilage causes the joints to become swollen and painful. How it helps: MBST regenerates the cartilage by stimulating cellular repair. 
  • Back pain and disc problems – back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, and is usually caused by the degeneration of the spine or intervertebral discs. How it helps: MBST directly transfers energy to regenerate damaged tissue cells and hydrate discs within the spinal column. 
  • Soft tissue and sports injuries – injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons can cause lasting damage. Inflammation can also occur and cause severe pain. How it helps: MBST therapy accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation considerably. 

4) Available in the Cotswold region

Encompass Health is one of the 13 clinics across the UK offering MBST, and the only one in Gloucestershire. With over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor, Rob provides MBST to improve the quality of life for people throughout the region dealing with arthritis and painful musculoskeletal conditions. 

“The most wonderful thing about this treatment is that we can directly influence the root cause of osteoarthritis,” explains Rob. “With MBST, we are not only aiming to reduce pain and increase mobility, but preserve the joint and reverse degenerative changes." 

MBST works most effectively alongside strength and mobility exercise, so Rob is happy to work with other professionals and therapists to achieve the best outcome for each patient. 

To find out more about MBST treatment, or to book an appointment, visit or call 01242 906578.