New year, new you? How DNA testing can help improve your health, skin and weight loss

Hair loss treatment through DNA testing at Vie Aesthetics cosmetics clinic in Essex and London

Vie Aesthetics in Essex are now using DNA testing to analyse your genetics to determine the cause of health problems and create personalised treatment packages. - Credit: Vie Aesthetics

Have you ever wondered what the underlying causes of your health problems are and how to treat them?

It’s the new year and the perfect time to focus on your health and get back to feeling your best after the holidays. Perhaps you’re wanting to improve your skin, get your hair looking healthy, boost your immune system or lose a few pounds. 

Whatever it may be, there are now new and improved ways to find and tailor treatments to your specific health needs. 

Dr Ioannis Liakas, director of the Vie Aesthetics clinics in Essex and London, talks about the latest DNA, blood and hormone testing innovations that make up their new initiative, Vie Wellness.

He also explains how such testing can determine the root causes of medical and health issues to help treat them more effectively.

Q: What is DNA testing?

A: As part of our wellness protocols at Vie Aesthetics, we are now offering the TrichoTest in partnership with EU regulated company Fagron, a global leader in personalised medicine. This groundbreaking genetics test involves taking a saliva swab from a patient and sending it off to a laboratory to be analysed for specific conditions. It’s centralised around vitamins and natural treatments, not fillers and Botox. 

The test identifies previous conditions the patient may have, and we use the DNA sample to understand what the individual is lacking in so we can decide what form of treatment or medication to prescribe.

A treatment room for DNA Trichotests at the Vie Aesthetics clinic on Harley Street in London.

Once you've had your DNA test results come back, you can visit the Vie Aesthetics clinic who offer a variety of treatments to promote hair growth and skin, assist with weight loss or boost your immune system. - Credit: Vie Aesthetics

Q: How can DNA and blood testing help to treat and improve my health concerns?

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A: What’s fantastic about DNA testing is its ability to treat the patient’s health with a holistic approach. We use the results to analyse and diagnose various issues, creating a bespoke package to treat a range of concerns from hair loss and acne to weight management and nutrition. 

If a client is suffering from hair loss, for example, then the DNA sample can detect vitamin deficiencies and gene variations that may be affecting the loss of hair. This process can provide a unique analysis of the cause, involving a consultation and patient questionnaire to identify lifestyle factors including medication, pathologies, emotional state, physical activity, habits and family history.

From this, we can prescribe a personalised vitamin or medication to stimulate hair growth and resolve the issue naturally and non-surgically. This is also a more affordable alternative to surgical treatments.

Dr Liakas, medical director for Vie Aesthetics clinic in Rayleigh, Essex.

Director of Vie Aesthetics Dr Liakas and his team of medical professionals are highly experienced in prescribing personalised, bespoke medication and treatment to patients to help combat the root causes of their health issues. - Credit: Vie Aesthetics

Q: How can DNA testing help with my weight management?

In addition to the TrichoTest, the NutriGen test offers similar reports but hone in on your body’s metabolic functions. The regulation of body weight is complex and influenced by a range of factors. This process centres around nutrigenomics, which focusses on how the food you consume affect the way that your genes are expressed, which ultimately impacts your weight.

A: Vie Aesthetics offer a bespoke medical weight programme that’s based on DNA testing and tailored to your weight goals to create an optimal diet plan. The testing will analyse your metabolism, intolerances, imbalances and many more categories within your body. This will determine a personalised result, helping you understand what your body needs in order to become healthier and reach your target weight.

The outside of the doctors-only Vie Aesthetics clinic in Harley Street in London

Vie Aesthetics' DNA testing is a ground-breaking genetics test administered by the clinic's medical doctors to improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. - Credit: Vie Aesthetics

Q: What is the benefit of having a DNA test before receiving treatment?

A: I’m a firm believer in the idea that treating an issue we know the cause of gives us a better chance of resolving it more effectively. Understanding the impact that genes and DNA have on a patient’s health (amongst environmental and lifestyle factors), allows us to better understand and diagnose the root cause of issues or concerns. Having this kind of approach helps to maintain issues long-term to prevent reoccurring problems. 

Our testing process removes unnecessary steps and prevents patients from having unsuitable treatments they don’t need. This puts the individual at the centre of the experience, focusing on their wellness, rather than just the treatment they desire or think is best.

Q: Is DNA testing from an aesthetics clinic safe?

A: With the current strain on the NHS, it can be incredibly difficult to find availability for a blood test. To take some pressure off of our local NHS service, we have introduced blood tests available at our CQC-registered clinics. Following the return of your blood test from the laboratory, you will have a report to take to your GP or specialist to help resolve any deficiency you might have. Our doctors-only clinic is under the supervision of a medical director to confidently ensure patient safety.

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