Losing weight: getting back on track after the excesses of the Christmas holidays

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Caroline Balazs, founder of SkinnyJab, says this third lockdown could be the ideal time to start focusing on your health. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Many of us may well have overindulged during the festive season and, despite not being able to socialise this year, might have gained a few extra pounds.

We are now in lockdown, but it could be the ideal time to start focusing on our health, says Caroline Balazs, advanced nurse practitioner and founder of the SkinnyJab weight loss plan.

She discusses the approach, which includes a medically approved, appetite suppressant, and offers her advice on getting started:

Q: How do I start to bounce back after Christmas weight gain?

Now is the time to start. In terms of SkinnyJab, all you need to do is to book a first free consultation with one of our trained advisors online; they will explain how everything works. They will recommend the right package for you and you can decide if you wish to go ahead. If you do, you will be passed on to a clinician who will explain the medical side and you will probably receive your package three to five working days later.

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Losing any Christmas weight could be made easier with SkinnyJab. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: How easy will it be for me to achieve weight loss during lockdown?

Lockdown is an ideal time. I would always recommend sticking to a routine when trying to lose weight anyway and having some structure to your day could also help you through lockdown. Our plan is very structured in itself and you are guided the whole way through; you know what to do at particular times and what to eat; you have to inject the medication at certain times of day to get the optimum results. Also, you have the benefit of our 24/7 support system. This is very helpful for those who are on their own during lockdown. In fact, we have noticed we are the only people some of our clients talk to during times like this because they live on their own. It does give them a lifeline, as well as providing structure to their day and helping them stick to healthy eating.

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Q: Can I lose weight with my partner?

Yes – and with Valentine’s Day coming up what better time to think about embarking upon a weight loss plan together? We have found with SkinnyJab that couples – or even friends – who do it together achieve really good results as they can support each other. If you are in the same household it works particularly well – and you will find you are cooking much more healthily for everyone, including your children. If you are living separately, and can’t see each other because of lockdown, then why not do it together over Zoom or FaceTime? You could cook together that way and it will give you a connection even though you are apart. There are lots of meal ideas on our website for you to look through together.

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Working with SkinnyJab can add structure to your day and help you stick to healthy eating. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: Can I lose my Christmas weight quickly?

With SkinnyJab, you start to feel the effects of the medication – your appetite diminishing – within 48 hours. You will then find you start losing weight pretty much straight away. In fact, many of those on the SkinnyJab programme can lose quite a lot in the first week – and it is fat they are losing, not water waste. The medication works by metabolising your own fat source, which means you start to lose inches very quickly.

Q: Is cycling/running/walking good for weight loss?

Yes, and you should exercise in any way that is right for you. With SkinnyJab, you receive an exercise regime (our SkinnyFit Workout) as well as an eating plan. Exercise can become part of your lockdown routine and even with the gyms shut you can still find ways to keep moving – even doing the housework can be good! Sometimes it is about thinking outside the box. It is important for your overall wellbeing to get out of the house and get some fresh air – and you could easily exercise at the same time.

Q: Does drinking water help you lose weight?

On our plan we recommend about two litres of still or sparkly water a day, but sugary drinks are not recommended as they can have a negative effect on the medication. Drinking a lot of water on our plan can certainly help.

Q: Will losing weight help my overall wellbeing?

Yes. The most important thing is to love yourself, respect yourself and take care of yourself. Coming into the spring and summer, you may well want to feel confident in your clothing and to feel good about yourself, and if you are overweight, losing those extra pounds could help. We all need to feel positive at the moment and to look after ourselves, even though we might not be doing all the activities we were doing before. Obesity is a health issue and with Covid-19, we know that being overweight brings added risk. I think we have all learned since the start of the pandemic just how important our health is.

To book a consultation or to find out more, visit skinnyjab.co.uk or call the 24/7 call centre on 0800 955 6888 or 0161 907 6942.