Improving your posture is key to a good fitness regime

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe - Credit: Archant

Health and lifestyle coach Colin Ayliffe thinks we should sit up straight and feel great.

Improving posture should be the cornerstone of every workout programme. This is why I give all my clients a 90-minute postural assessment before they step foot in the gym.

Most of us display poor posture from sitting at a desk all day at work, driving for long periods, performing repetitive tasks with bad form and an overall lack of awareness about how good posture should actually feel.

Some common postural dysfunctions in the upper body are a short and tight chest and upper abdominal, a depressed breastbone, a forward protruding head, and an increased curve in the upper spine. This is known as the ‘Upper Cross’ Syndrome.

For the lower body, prevalent dysfunctions are tight, short hip flexors and lower back muscles, lengthened and weak lower abdominal, hamstrings, glutes and upper back muscles. This is the ‘Lower Cross’ Syndrome.

We can correct these problems by performing a corrective exercise plan. This involves specific exercises that will stretch the identified tight muscles and strengthen the weaker muscles.

Correcting your posture will make you look great, give you energy, improve your flexibility, tone your muscles, flatten your tummy and add a few inches to your height.

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It will also make you feel so much better. Poor posture is responsible for muscle tension, fatigue, back pain, headaches, joint degeneration and problems with the spine. All these symptoms can be corrected over time without surgery or painkillers.

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