Healthy drinks for body & soul

Crossip non-alcoholic cocktails 

Crossip non-alcoholic cocktails - Credit: Crossip Drinks

Radio 2 health expert, Imperfectly Natural author and Herts mum Janey Lee Grace picks her top Herts treatments, therapies and food. 

Guaranteed to give you a healthy boost, how about getting fresh juices and superfood ‘shots’ delivered to your door? 

Britt's Superfoods blast freezes its superfood juices immediately after harvest to ensure that essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are preserved. All the goodness, none of the hassle! 

Britt's superfoods 'shots' packs

Britt's Superfoods 'shots' packs - Credit: Britt's Superfoods

Once the sun is over the yard arm, as the expression goes, you may be thinking of something stronger than fruit juice. I love encouraging everyone to look again at their relationship with alcohol.

One guest on my Alcohol Free Life podcast recently was the founder of Bishop's Stortford based Crossip drinks, Carl Anthony Brown, an industry renowned cocktail expert who has featured on TV.

He argues that we can keep the ritual of having a grown-up delicious drink, but we can change the ingredients. Crossip Drinks are nought per cent alcohol and made with botanical ingredients that are known for their health benefits.

All three signature flavours  contain a core base of eucalyptus, ginger, cayenne, gentian and glycerine. They're perfect for a barbecue or summer party, you can drink and still drive home. 

Recently I visited the National Trust's Ashridge Estate and walked alongside the vibrant bluebells. It’s easy to forget just how healing nature can be, and we are so lucky in Hertfordshire to have such beautiful places.

Next time you feel ‘too busy’ to take time out of your day, remember niksen – a Dutch concept that means the power of doing nothing. Literally nothing, not meditating, journaling, being creative, reading – nothing! Just being.